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Customer Onboarding

With WalkMe, drive customer satisfaction from the second they start going.

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Build customer loyalty and retention.

Simplified experiences ensure increased retention rates and more upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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Streamline & personalize onboarding.

Help customers unlock the value of your product from day one with personalized onboarding experiences.

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Gain visibility into customer experiences.

Understand points of user friction to drive adoption where your customers struggle most.

How it works

Optimize end to end customer onboarding.

Create a smooth user experience, by ensuring customers are utilizing the product properly. Invest in analyzing where customers start to struggle, as you overcome any points of friction to ensure your customers always come back.

The Challenge

Your customers are overwhelmed.

Customers will go through multiple new interactions throughout their onboarding process, and faced with new and changing grounds, habits tend to build quickly. Make sure users are embracing the product, and leveraging its value, instead of adopting unwanted habits.

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IBM boosts conversion rate and retention rate with digital adoption strategy and WalkMe


increase in product adoption


revenue growth of digital offering


improved product usage and retention

Overall, WalkMe has helped us improve product usage, consumption, and retention by 300%. We’ve been able to reach 80% digital offering revenue growth, which was 2X our target.

Nilanjan Adhya

Chief Digital Officer, IBM
Modernize user experiences on legacy software
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onboarding will improve your bottom line

With WalkMe, your customers can unlock the value of your product with simplified onboarding and streamlined adoption.

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Prove value to your customers immediately

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