Healthcare Institutions

WalkMe helps employees in the pharmacare and patient care industries adopt and effectively use even the most complex software programs so that they can spend more time helping patients.

Dynamic Digital Assistance For Fast, Competent Care

The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented disruption due to shifting business models and a rapidly evolving digital environment. Securing electronic medical records, implementing complex systems and empowering a more efficient workforce are among the top challenges faced as a result of industry-wide digital transformation. Due to the nature of the field, a medical professional’s software proficiency can have serious influence in the well being of their patients. WalkMe's ability to streamline medical systems and harness data insights can give healthcare providers larger capacity to deliver quality patient care.


“We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers, WalkMe reassured even our most hesitant users…You could see the change in customer attitude immediately – it was astounding.”

Cory Lewis, Marketing Brand Manager, MDOL

Benefits of WalkMe:

  • Accelerate software onboarding timeline
  • Simplify user experience
  • Strengthen data integrity and cut costs due to input errors
  • On-demand step-by-step guidance for any in-application process
  • Encourage software adoption
  • Improve healthcare employee training
  • Ensure system-wide synchronization
  • Gain valuable data insights of employee use-cases
I would definitely recommend WalkMe to anyone who is looking into a performance support or in-app training application
Kiran Patwardhan, Education Associate, Athenahealth

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