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Feature Guides

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Activity Board

A race against the clock

Smart Walk-Thru

A race against the clock

UI Intelligence

AI-powered data entry diagnostics

Activity Board

Get actionable insights


Everything you wanted to know


Translation service with Lilt

Thought Leadership

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Digital adoption: The new imperative for software ROI

President & Co-Founder, Rafael Sweary

Defining DAP success

SVP CEO Office, Maor Ezer

What is WalkMe?

CEO & Co-Founder, Dan Adika

This is the world we’re building

Tip Tuesday
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Create Placeholder text for additional guidance

Admin Center

Intuitive user management architecture, role hierarchy


Display specific content at exactly the right time

Product Release
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Product Release Notes

Digital Adoption project templates, Tracked Events tooltips, Insights, Expanded storage options

Product Release Notes

New Workstation Integrations and Dashboard in the Console, Segments API, All funnel reports

Product Release Notes

Solution Accelerators for SF Lightning and Workday. (Includes September product release)