WalkMe for Workday®: The Complete HCM Adoption Solution

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023
WalkMe for Workday® is a one-stop solution for improving your Workday® training, adoption, and productivity. Today, HR platforms such as Workday® are becoming more critical to organizational health and effectiveness. At the same time, adopting these platforms can be a challenge.  Enterprise tools can be complex and they continually evolve, requiring employers and employees both to evolve with them.

The problem: How can you maximize Workday® productivity and efficiency?

Workday® is a leading HCM system, used by medium and large organizations around the world. It offers a wide range of features for HR, including:
  • Human resource management
  • Employee learning solutions
  • Recruitment and talent management
  • A single system that unifies HCM with finance and payroll
  • Compensation and benefits 
  • Insights and data that can help you improve the entire employee life cycle
Just to name just a few. This complex feature set offers significant advantages for the modern HR department – but only if you take full advantage of them. As with every enterprise-grade digital platform, Workday® comes with a learning curve. Its wide breadth of capabilities is a major strength, but it can also be a barrier to successful employee adoption. The more processes there are to master, the more difficult onboarding can be.  To earn a full return on a Workday® investment, your business must ensure that:
  • Employees are fully engaged and using the platform
  • Workday® features are being adopted and used to their fullest extent
  • Training for Workday® is efficient and effective
What’s the right approach to achieving these objectives?

The solution: Reinventing employee engagement

walkme for workdayTo make full use of powerful tools such as Workday®, businesses must take a new approach. https://twitter.com/WalkMeInc/status/900753322218586113  One that…
  • Engages employees 
  • Simplifies the user experience
  • Decreases the burden on technical support and training
  • Lowers error rates and inefficiencies
  • Increases feature adoption
  • Shortens time-to-competency
Achieving these goals doesn’t require extensive training. In fact, training overload would only increase financial burdens, time spent away from work, and a greater cognitive load. It could also very easily increase user frustration and burnout. Given the complex nature of today’s digital workplace, it is clear that we need another solution. One that offers a seamless employee experience while still delivering the benefits of in-depth training.

How WalkMe enables you to achieve full Workday® adoption

walkmke for workdayDigital Adoption Platforms – or Digital Adoption Solutions – have revolutionized employee training and engagement. These platforms offer substantial training improvements over more traditional techniques, such as in-person demonstrations or lengthy manuals. WalkMe for Workday® provides:
  • In-app, on-demand training. Training is delivered at the moment of need, inside the application. This increases knowledge retention by allowing users to immediately apply what they’ve learned.
  • Step-by-step guidance. Teach users workflows and processes step-by-step, without the need for human intervention.
  • Cross-platform workflows. Digital Adoption Platforms operate on and across any software or app. This allows them to train users across multiple tools, seamlessly stitching together disconnected systems into a single workflow.
  • Automated Workday® training. These features help businesses automate large portions of their employee training. The decreased workload for trainers gives them the opportunity to focus their time on more important tasks.
  • Automated workflows. Some Digital Adoption Platforms, such as WalkMe, can also automate work processes. This is a key benefit of WalkMe for Workday®, as it improves operational efficiency, safeguards data integrity, and frees up employee time for more value-added activities.
  • User analytics and insights. Software usage data can reveal common stumbling blocks and training opportunities. These, in turn, are used to optimize training and engagement.
Compared to traditional training techniques, Digital Adoption Platforms deliver better results in less time at a lower cost.

7 benefits of using WalkMe for Workday® 

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) helps businesses increase user engagement and learning. Here are a few reasons to use WalkMe for Workday® training:
  1. Accelerate time-to-competency. Contextualized, in-app learning dramatically shortens learning curves and increases training efficiency.
  2. Increase feature adoption. By guiding employee training, organizations can encourage users to adopt specific product features and functions.
  3. Improve productivity and proficiency. Better, more efficient training translates into improved employee output and productivity. More competent, skilled employees will be able to complete tasks faster and more accurately.
  4. Slash support costs. With automated guidance, workers will make fewer technical support calls, decreasing the overhead for technical support.
  5. Decrease human errors. Increased user skill levels will result in fewer errors and greater success rates during task completion.
  6. Encourage a culture of self-reliance. With the right tools at their fingertips, users will become more independent. 
  7. Boost employee engagement. Redefining the digital adoption process helps businesses digitalize, modernize, and reinvent their employee engagement strategy … and develop an engagement approach that maximizes software ROI.
Today’s digital tools are constantly evolving. An effective software adoption strategy requires training solutions that evolve with those digital tools. That is, they need digital adoption solutions.

Reinvent your Workday® HCM platform adoption with WalkMe

The right user adoption solution can dramatically improve your employee productivity. WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform is just the solution.  It is used by some of the world’s biggest companies, from PayPal to Amazon, to enhance employee productivity, training, and adoption. If your organization wants to maximize employee productivity – and its Workday® investment – then Digital Adoption Platforms are worth a close look. If you’d like to learn more about WalkMe can help you get the most from Workday®, schedule a demo today.
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.