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On The Job Training With e-Learning Software

The Problem Businesses are Facing

Before users start using a new software, they must first go through training in order to ensure they know how to operate the software effectively. It is our duty as managers to determine if training is conducted successfully, and most important — are we wasting a minimum of precious time and money when employees usually forget what they have learned during training?

Training is a long process that is affected by the complexity of the software or system, the number of employees and their ability to learn large amounts of information in a short time. Keep reading to find out how to cut down training costs with e-Learning software.

What Is e-Learning Software?

e-Learning software is an online tool that helps manage and enable online training. For businesses training new hires on digital systems, the most effective option for on-the-job training is the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). A DAP is a powerful tool that allows training managers to easily and effectively implement employee training. WalkMe’s DAP is an onscreen layer that that is overlaid on top of any software. Interactive elements guide the user step-by-step to task completion. Much like a GPS is to driving, with DAP a user only needs to know the destination, and the platform will figure out the best way to get there.

e-Learning Software & On The Job Training

How e-Learning Software Can Benefit Your Business

  • Say goodbye to papers and manuals. Develop e-learning software training and easily create e-learning programs for your employees.
  • No software download is required. A DAP is a no-code layer that is placed on your online platform.
  • Shortens software training time. No need for prior knowledge! e-Learning software guides the user step-by-step while performing real tasks.
  • Boosts software skill for all levels. On The Job Training with e-learning software is adapted to all skill levels, no need for pre-training or prior knowledge.
  • Allows training to happen anywhere. A DAP can be used on smartphones, tablets, computers or any operating systems.
  • Customize your design. You can choose the colors, shapes and overall design that is embedded on the software or website.

e-Learning Software & On The Job Training