WalkMe™ for Training Professionals


WalkMe™ helps training managers to accelerate employee time to competence and improve training effectiveness, ensuring a lasting impact on employee productivity while reducing training costs. We call it training your software to work with your employees.

WalkMe™ provides training managers with an indispensable tool to enable new and existing employees, as they work, to easily and successfully complete their desired tasks. By using a series of interactive tip-balloons overlaid on the software they are using, employee tasks are broken down into short, step-by-step guided instructions. As a result, both during the initial training process and beyond, trainers can empower their employees so they no longer need to focus on the technical aspects of operating the software, freeing them to become more productive and avoid mistakes.

  • Reduce internal help desk calls
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Avoid workflow errors
  • Reduce training costs

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WalkMe enables businesses and organizations to simplify the software used by their employees to perform their job, and to greatly reduce errors and dramatically shorten training times of both new and existing employees. By using a series of interactive tip balloon knows as Walk-Thurs, which are overlaid on the online site, employee tasks are broken down into short, step-by-step guided instructions, which help new workers act, react and rapidly progress during their training experience.

WalkMe enables learning officers to “train” their programs while workers are able to learn on their own, without external assistance, when the task is required. As a result, new workers can reach competence in a matter of hours, training costs are reduced, and results will show high-level employee understanding and efficiency levels.

  • No Effect on the Speed of Your Software: Rest assured that neither your software’s speed nor operation will not be affected by WalkMe’s Walk-Thrus.
  • Analytics: Track all the ways your users are utilizing WalkMe, where they are getting stuck, and which flows need to be improved.
  • No Download for Users: Promote self-service for your users and let them automatically play Walk-Thrus on your site or application without any required download process.
  •  No Technical Knowledge Required: Easily build Walk-Thrus without any technical knowledge, and allow your users to complete any task or flow effortlessly on your site or application.
  • Supports Any Business Process: Support any task or flow, regardless of difficulty, and lead your users to make crucial decisions.
  • Multi-Language Support: WalkMe supports not only English, but any language needed.


  •  Reduce Training Costs: We all know you have a limited budget. Reduce training costs on manpower and needed space by customizing step-by-step Walk-Thrus to allow employees to train themselves.
  • Improve Work Efficiency & Performance: Enable your employees to complete their tasks properly, increase overall performance and reduce errors.
  • Shorter Training Periods: Speed up average training time-to-competence by enabling self-teaching and independent development.
  • Reduce Internal Help Desk Calls: Increase self-service among your employees and subsequently reduce internal help desk calls.
We chose WalkMe™ to simplify our training process, reduced average time to competence of our employees, and continue the training as they work, thereby empowering them to quickly learn and remember our complex processes.
Mike Martin, Director of Training, Build.com, Inc.
I found WalkMe™ specific and relevant to the needs of our business’s use of Salesforce, and they were delivered in a style and at a pace that is suited to each of our new Salesforce users. EchoSign is the most rated Application on the appexchange, and with WalkMe we’ll take it to the next level of customer delight – I would not hesitate in recommending WalkMe™ – it has exceeded my and our customers’ expectations.
Eitan Saban – VP, Head of EchoSign/Adobe Customer Success