About WalkMe™

What is WalkMe?

What is a WalkMe™?

Today’s businesses and software developers are consistently challenged by the exponential growth of costs spent on customer service, training, and improvement of overall customer and employee online experience. For example, U.S. firms spent about $156 billion just on employee learning in 2011.

WalkMe Inc.’s solution answers that challenge with the first-of-a-kind technology that enables website owners and software developers create interactive on-screen WalkMe™ guidance sequences, which help users quickly and easily complete even the most complex tasks. Thanks to a WalkMe™-simplified user experience, businesses save time and money by cutting training and customer service costs, and earn more money due to an increased conversion rate.

What is WalkMe?How does WalkMe™ work?

WalkMe Inc. allows you to easily add interactive on-screen WalkMe™ guidance sequences to your website or HTML software program. Creating and adding a customizable WalkMe™ sequence is remarkably easy and doesn’t require any technical expertise. Our advanced development platform – available as a web browser plug-in – gives you full control over the content, design, placement and functionality of each step of your on-screen guides.

Publishing a WalkMe™ to your target application couldn’t be simpler: you just need to insert a single line of code to your host server (similar to the process for including Google Analytics)…that’s it. Once you’ve added your WalkMe™ – which appears as step-by-step balloon hints on top of your screen content – users can view it without needing to download or install any software.

Don’t wait to start experiencing WalkMe’s effect on your bottom line.

What is WalkMe?Why is WalkMe™ so effective?

Rather than navigating away from the website or app to watch a video tutorial or browse through special help pages and forums, users of a WalkMe™-simplified website receive clear, on-screen instructions, displayed as balloon hints within the website or app, while they perform the actual process from start to finish.

The WalkMe™ solution has been designed to allow non-technical users – site owners, content developers and marketing personnel – to effortlessly enhance the usability of their website or application, dramatically improving task completion and end-user satisfaction levels, while reducing drop-out rates and help-desk service requests.

What is WalkMe?WalkMe™ Best Practices

WalkMe™ is most effective when you use the free WalkMe™ Analytics tool, which is a comprehensive web-based management utility that provides detailed information on WalkMe™ utilization, enabling you to analyze and fine-tune your WalkMe™ sequences to match your user’s needs.



Don’t wait to start experiencing WalkMe’s effect on your bottom line.