The Enterprise Class Guidance and Engagement Platform

WalkMe™ enables your business to simplify the online experience and eliminate user confusion.

Think of it like a GPS, but instead of giving driving directions,
WalkMe™ guides users every step of the way to successfully complete their online tasks.

Use WalkMe™ to encourage self-service, accelerate training and software adoption,
increase conversion rates, reduce customer service costs and improve the customer experience.

Discover How WalkMe™ Simplifies YOUR Online Experience
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Increase Revenue
  • Boost Free-to-Paid Conversion
  • Drive Up-Sales and Cross-Sales
  • Increase the Overall Customer Lifetime Value
Reduce Customer Care Costs
  • Make Self-Service Attractive & Simple
  • Lower Support Costs
  • Treat Customer Pain Before it Starts
Accelerate Training
  • Shorten Training Times
  • Eliminate Retraining
  • Lower Training Costs

Successfully addressing business challenges is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Every day, businesses face new challenges in the ever-evolving online environment.

WalkMe™ provides a comprehensive and invaluable solution to successfully address those challenges.
Our online guidance and engagement platform strengthens the way enterprises work, interact, market and sell their products.

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You’ve invested a lot in buying the right Enterprise Software, yet new challenges arise: low adoption rates, ongoing employee training, repeated helpdesk requests and constant introduction of software updates and changes.  

WalkMe™ simplifies leading software platforms to increase utilization and lower your total cost of ownership by boosting adoption rates, reducing training needs and increasing productivity.

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Whether paying a bill, reserving a hotel or updating a plan, you have to ensure customers have a simple & burden-free online experience.

WalkMe™ understands the unique challenges faced by different industries, and with our knowledge and experience in helping enterprises meet their specific needs, we can bring real value to your company. Adhering to strict security and privacy standards, the WalkMe™ platform can help you manage customer care across all channels, boosting customer experience and loyalty.

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Confused customers are bad for business! Use WalkMe™ to keep your customers focused, engaged and at ease when using your software or website.   Through a wide range of guidance and engagement capabilities, managers can provide customers with a user experience that is simple, intuitive, personalized and calm.

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  • Effective and Strategic Onboarding
  • Increase Activations and Continued Use
  • Avoid resistance to change
Product Delivery
  • Boost Adoption & Stickiness
  • Introduce New Features and Versions
  • Open New Channels for Communication
Drive user action
  • Cross-sell/Upsell
  • Encourage Self-service
  • Contextual Call to Action and Announcements

WalkMe™ boosts self-service adoption, reduces incoming support requests, shortens handling times and more effectively manages customer care across all your channels.

Ensure your customers have a simple, smooth & burden-free online experience without confusion or frustration.

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Encourage Self-Service
  • Make Self-Service Attractive & Simple
  • Boost Customer Productivity
  • Provide Support in Any Language
Shorten handling time
  • Raise Call Center Efficiency
  • Improve Analytics and Monitoring
Proactive support
  • Treat Customer Pain Before it Starts
  • Lower Incoming Support Requests
  • Reduce Attrition and Churn
  • Efficient Omni-Channel Support

Over 80% of what is learned during training is forgotten

Use WalkMe™ to ensure employees always remember what they have  learned.
Employees receive immediate and direct guidance, in the moment of need, helping them perform better and faster.

WalkMe™ helps enterprises train employees faster to successfully apply what they learn on any software.

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Employee Training
  • Cut the Learning Curve
  • Focus on the Why Instead of How
  • Easily Introduce Best Practices
Performance Support
  • Eliminate the “Forgetting” Curve
  • Provide Continuous Learning
  • Reduce error and interruptions
Change Management
  • Smooth Migration to New Systems
  • Effectively Introduce New Versions/Process
  •  Avoid “Valley of Death” Scenarios

WalkMe is a one-of-a-kind enterprise class guidance and engagement platform.

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Training 2015 - Conference and Expo
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Microsoft Convergence 2015
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13-16, 2014
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Oracle Open World
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UX Week
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17-18, 2014
Cloud World Forum
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Salesforce1 World Tour Paris
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11-12, 2014
Call Center Week
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April - May
28 - 1, 2014
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19-22, 2014
Nice Interactions
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7, 2014
CEbit Australia
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6-9, 2014
Contact Center Expo and Conference
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12-14, 2014
CallidusCloud Connections 2014
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