Accelerate Onboarding and Overcome Resistance to Change

Organizations face complex obstacles onboarding employees to new software systems. Employee resistance to change manifests in low engagement, while training is costly, time consuming, and decreases productivity.

Despite these challenges, organizations must adopt a software implementation plan, along with their new technologies, to keep pace with advancing digital capabilities available in the market. The alternative is to risk being left behind by the competition.

Using WalkMe for your software implementation will ensure full and long-term adoption of new systems in order to gain the expected benefits now and over time.

Implementation was excellent, and we have been able to significantly improve the user experience, and cut upfront on-boarding time.
Maurice Weiss, Corporate CRM Project Management and Change Manager, DB Schenker

Benefits of WalkMe:

  • Shorten time-to-competency in training and onboarding
  • Ease employee resistance to change
  • Cut the learning curve from the beginning of large transitions
  • Smooth the transition to new software systems
  • Empower employees with contextual learning capabilities
  • Instantly maximize the ROI of digital investments

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Ensure a Smooth Software Implementation:

Define your goals, establish communication with the vendor, and document issues as they occur. Discover two more tips for a successful software implementation.