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From hire to retire, WalkMe takes all the friction out of your employee lifecycle processes, so your team can spend less time focusing on software and more time focused on what matters - people.

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Maximize ROI of HR tech investments.

Nobody feels the impact of change quite like HR. Your team must navigate industry shifts while considering the effects on every employee. Optimize investments in people and technology, improve employee experience, and take the friction out of HR ops with WalkMe.

Your HR tech is no longer stacked against you.

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Improved productivity on any app.

Provide streamlined onboarding, real-time support, and automation of complex, tedious processes for more productive (and happier) employees.

reduction in HR help tickets.
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Ensure compliance across all geos.

Deliver guidance, shoutouts and data validation right in the flow of work to help employees comply with legal requirements.

inferred financial productivity gains over 12-months.
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Support diversity, equity, & inclusion goals.

Make technology accessible to every employee through personalized help.

increase in employee self-sufficiency.

Beat the learning curve.

Don't let outdated training and communication methods drain your resources. Seamlessly integrate learning in the flow of work. Significantly cut back on support tickets and inquiries while promoting a self-service culture for a greater ROI on employee development.

Create new ways of working.

Deliver frictionless, people-first experiences that help employees get their jobs done without having to learn the ins-and-outs of each individual app. Build new workflows with personalized experiences, self-serve resources, and automation, eliminating digital friction and minimizing HR support incidents.

Data that protects your organization.

Make better decisions for your workforce with better visibility into user journeys and HR workflows. Govern processes and validate data at the point of entry, reducing errors and ensuring legal compliance while upholding diversity, equality, and inclusion policies.

Build an agile team today for tomorrow.

Introduce new automations, processes, and experiences for people while they work. Let your people focus on meaningful and rewarding tasks, while you prove the value of your software investments and effectively manage future change.

HR workflows run better with WalkMe.

Friction in workflows like recruiting and employee separation slow down HR operations and put your workplace reputation at risk. WalkMe pinpoints the friction and simplifies your most critical workflows, so your people can focus on what matters - results.

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HR workflows run better with WalkMe.

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