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Employee Onboarding

With WalkMe, streamline employee onboarding with personalized training in the flow of work.

Make change management seamless.

Whether managing new hires or new software, onboard employees to any software across the tech stack.

Gain visibility into employee experiences.

Understand employee experiences across the tech stack to help you make your transformation stick.

Increase user productivity.

Train new users quickly for shorter time to productivity and more lasting user proficiency.

How it Works

Unlock business value by transforming user experience.

Manage an effective onboarding experience for all user types. Overcoming language barriers, remote work and digital dexterity challenges.

The Challenge

Beat the learning curve.  

In traditional learning environments, people tend to forget 70% of what is learned in one day. What happens when your employees spend months onboarding to new software, only to change it again? Support the learning curve with data-driven, contextual, in-app navigation.

Christus Health uses WalkMe to enable thousands of employees to onboard onto software as it’s being rolled out.


fewer support calls/month


applications using WalkMe


per month in improved payment outcomes

WalkMe has changed our learning landscape. In the past, we’ve always had to be more reactive in the way we approach learning. Now, we can actually roll out the learning alongside the system or the new products.

Tobias Washington

Director, Learning Experience, Design and Technology, Christus Health
Our Solution

Streamline the digital employee experience.

With WalkMe, employees can truly achieve and retain proficiency on complex software, accelerating the organization's digital transformation strategy by driving user adoption of digital assets.

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