Employee Onboarding

WalkMe supports organizations as they strive for more effective employee onboarding and help new hires circumvent the “forgetting curve” with just-in-time guidance

Improve efficiency of the employee onboarding process

Employee onboarding and training for new hires can be a time-intensive and costly experience, requiring an ongoing commitment to learning and preparing material. Onboarding and training, however, are necessary and unavoidable steps in the workflow.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform makes it easy for employees to achieve and retain proficiency on complex software systems and company-specific routines within a short timeframe.

By instilling expertise through experience without requiring memorization, WalkMe closes the skill gap between novices and experienced users and eliminates traditional training expenditures.

"WalkMe provides efficiency and guidance within our organization."
Pam O'Connor, Assistant Vice President Instructional, Design & Technology Supervisor, at First Midwest Bank

Benefits of WalkMe:

  • Accelerate time-to-competency during the onboarding process
  • Enhance knowledge retention through real time training
  • Combat forgetting curve with on-demand review
  • Cut costs of updating and maintaining information
  • Gain insights into software use and errors
  • Simplify complex systems with task-specific training
  • End confusion and shorten employee onboarding time
  • Reduce the need for support and encourage self-service

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  1. Establish Expectations and Set Clear Goals
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