Customer Success

WalkMe helps organizations onboard, retain and grow their customers, acting at critical moments in the customer lifecycle to drive success and engagement.

Accelerate customer onboarding

Software providers face challenges to create stickiness and reduce churn rates. Quick and efficient customer onboarding, smooth user experience and optimized feature adoption are vital to long-term customer satisfaction.

Creating a personalized and dedicated customer success strategy while managing diverse customer expectations has become an obstacle for many organizations.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform will improve customer onboarding and optimize your customer experience, allowing your software to reach its fullest potential.

WalkMe has helped eMoney scale and streamline user adoption and share critical messages, enabling our customers to get the most out of our software, service, and support.
Steve Levis, SVP, Client Engagement, eMoney Advisor

Benefits of WalkMe:

  • Streamline customer onboarding
  • Simplify user experience
  • Encourage customer engagement
  • Drive feature adoption
  • Increase retention rates and potential for upselling and cross-selling
  • Maximize customer exposure to full product value
  • Effectively promote new services to existing customers
  • Boost customer experience & increase customer loyalty

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WalkMe in Action:

Discover how BMO Financial Group leverages WalkMe to achieve customer success. Using WalkMe’s customer success best practices, BMO promotes greater software adoption, simplifies training, reduces customer support calls, and guides change management.

Read more about BMO’s success with WalkMe here.

Achieve Greater Customer Success and Reduce Churn:

User onboarding is a critical component of an effective customer success strategy. Unless you can provide a positive new user experience, customers will churn. Ensure effective and long-term customer satisfaction with WalkMe.


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