Public Sector

WalkMe simplifies complex systems and offers guidance in critical moments, providing on-demand digital support to users of any tech aptitude.

Driving Better Public Services Through Contextual Engagement

In the strides towards digitalization, the public sector faces obstacles maintaining flexibility due to the need for rigorous security and administrative procedures, yet stands to benefit greatly from improved software usability both internally and externally. The symptoms of poor software adoption, such as misconstrued data, incomplete tasks, and barriers to information can have substantially higher consequences in government systems than consumer industries. These challenges point to the need for a digital solution, such as WalkMe, that will improve onboarding, smooth user experience, and promote a culture of self-service without disrupting existing systems.


Functional form validation ensures data integrity standards are met by compelling users to input all necessary and accurate data before moving on to the next step.

Benefits of WalkMe:

  • Shorten time-to-competency for software training
  • Increase task and form completion rates
  • End user frustration
  • Reduce support requests
  • Encourage self-service and self-support
  • Increase employee adoption of internal systems
  • Improve data integrity
WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform simplifies user experience, improves customer onboarding, accelerates employee productivity and drives task completion.
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