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Microsoft Dynamics 365™

Finance & Supply Chain Management

WalkMe accelerates training and boosts employee productivity and competency across modules in this enterprise-grade solution.

Drive software adoption.

Increase software ROI by maximizing employee use of all the robust features of Microsoft Dynamics 365™ ERP solution.

Reduce support overhead.

Provide self-service help at the time of need, reducing support costs, saving employee time, and streamlining user experience.

Enable proactive learning.

Take a proactive approach to onboarding and training by allowing your employees to learn as they work within the application.

Boost employee engagement and productivity

Get the most out of your ERP software by guaranteeing employees correctly and effectively using all platform features. WalkMe’s seamless in-app guidance and process automation allow your teams to work smarter, faster.

WalkMe solves the ‘learning decay’ problem with moment-in-time guidance across our Microsoft Dynamics™ deployment, streamlining staff training and improving knowledge retention.

Darryl Crumblin

Sales Enablement Manager, Blackwoods

Enhance digital employee experiences with WalkMe.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform creates a unified employee experience across platforms.

Discover more about WalkMe for Microsoft Dynamics 365™.

Microsoft Dynamics 365™ Case Study

Blackwoods transforms workflows, reduces time to proficiency by 50%, and boosts productivity with WalkMe.

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Reap the benefits you expect from an ERP

A new ERP promises to boost efficiency and productivity. WalkMe makes sure your software can keep its promise.

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Drive Adoption of Microsoft Dynamics, Teams, and Office 365™

WalkMe and Microsoft have partnered together to ensure full digital adoption beginning at deployment on Dynamics 365™.

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