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AI Answers

Elevate the search experience

Raise the [search] bar for information discovery with AI Answers. Help your users find and interact with the business-critical information they seek no matter the app or workflow they’re working on. AI Answers is a novel, conversational search experience powered by generative AI, that offers your users context, next steps, and the ability to ask follow-up questions.

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You ask questions. We provide answers, and context, and links, and next steps. Simple as that.

AI Answers is a customizable conversational chat interface, powered by generative AI, that you can offer to your employees and customers. You decide which knowledge sources you want connected. When your users ask it questions, AI Answers will retrieve the information and provide context, links, and actions your users can take in the form of a natural conversation.

WalkMe uses enterprise-grade, general-purpose Large Language Model (“LLM”) technologies to power AI Answers. For more information about which LLM WalkMe uses and what your options are, please speak with a WalkMe representative.

Currently, AI Answers supports text from any HTML-based article, for example webpages, Confluence articles, etc. At the moment, we do not support file scanning, images, videos, or canvases, but we are actively developing to expand the file types and sources we will support. For more information, please speak with a WalkMe representative.

WalkMe never shares customer data or content with other customers, nor do we train LLMs. AI Answers adheres to WalkMe’s enterprise-grade privacy and security protocols ensuring your data is kept safe and remains your own. For more information on WalkMe’s specific privacy and security practices for generative AI, please speak with a WalkMe representative. 

AI Answers is an optional capability, sold separately, that can be added to the core WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform on a consumption, or often referred to as “usage”, basis. WalkMe charges monthly based on the total number of searches performed. For more pricing information, including per-transaction prices and other potential one-time setup fees, please speak with a WalkMe representative.

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