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Unlimited Time. Included Features:
  • 3 Walk-Thrus
  • Up to 5 Steps Per Walk-Thru
  • 300 Assists Per Month
  • Basic Online Support

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Unlimited Time. Included Features:
  • Unlimited Walk-Thrus
  • Unlimited Assists
  • Multiple Support Options
  • Multiple Domains
  • Any Number of Walk-Thru Steps
  • Full Help Desk Integration
  • Design Flexibility
  • Full Interface Control
  • Site Adaptability
  • Advanced API Support
  • Multi-language
  • Self-Hosting Option
  • Analytics
  • SSL Support
  • Segmentation
  • Actively Engage Users
  • Accelerate Site Proficiency
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Number of Walk-Thrus
Walk-Thrus are a sequence of tip balloons that are displayed on-screen based on what the user needs to do, the context the user is in and the user's actions.




Number of Assist
Each time a user activates a Walk-Thru, it is considered as 1 assist

300 Per Month



Number of steps per Walk-Thru

Up to 5 Steps Per Walk-Thru



Utilize several support options to strengthen your Walk-Thru, from our basic online support to our dedicated account managers.

Basic Online Support


Multiple Support Options

Multiple Domains
Deliver Walk-Thrus throughout your website or HTML program on multiple domains.



Advanced API Support
Modify every aspect of Walk-Thru creation, playback functionality, design, and display to match your specific requirements.



Meet all of your users' needs and expectations by creating Walk-Thrus in any language.



Self-Hosting Option
Store Walk-Thru-generated files on your own Web servers to meet your own security requirements.



Analyze and fine-tune your Walk-Thrus to fit users’ needs with WalkMe Analytics, a comprehensive web-based management utility that provides detailed information on Walk-Thru utilization.



SSL Support
SSL Support is available for web sites that use HTTPS.



Full Help Desk Integration
Integrate live chat, knowledge-based articles, and instructional videos through the WalkMe Editor. Add a link within the Widget that redirects users right to any of your support pages.



Design Flexibility
Customize the way a balloon interacts onscreen, and the look and feel of the widget.



Full Interface Control
Choose how you'd like steps to be triggered, and to whom and when they will appear. Customize text in a rich text editor.



Site Adaptability
Tailor each Walk-Thru to fit precisely to your site with the tools in the editor.



Choose who will see your Walk-Thru and other Engagement tools with the Rule Engine.



Actively Engage Users
Use tooltips that start Walk-Thru's, Autostart Walk-Thrus, and offer Permalinks via e-mail and social media to actively engage users.



Accelerate Site Proficiency
Increase site proficiency by offering a task list for users that outlines the important Walk-Thrus, and tracks their process completion.