Anywhere operation

What Is Anywhere Operation?

Anywhere operation is an IT-based organization model that contributes to the delivery of customer care, virtual worker and employee access, employee support and motivation, and product development. Anywhere operation allows businesses to manage these operations from anywhere in the world regardless of assets, people, or physical location. 


Anywhere operation is extremely valuable to businesses that put an emphasis on productivity and collaboration. Remote capabilities, better process automation, and access to powerful cloud infrastructure are all major benefits of adopting anywhere operation. 


In a nutshell, anywhere operation helps businesses to: 

  1. Aid virtual and remote work through proprietary access to systems, information, and data. 
  2. Helps to support virtual model deployment across a distributed infrastructure. 
  3. Delivers exceptional support to customers, associates, and stakeholders through mandates.   

The number one benefit of adopting anywhere operations is the enhanced flexibility it offers. It enables employees to manage their schedules effectively and empowers them to adopt a decision-making ethos. This benefits organizations in a multitude of ways by granting businesses the ability to expand talent pools across traditional geographic boundaries. 


Anywhere operations represent the future of digital enterprise. Whilst it does require advanced IT skills, enforcing a definitive operational strategy helps businesses to maintain, strengthen and protect vital procedures and practices even during times of exceptional hardship. The successful adoption and execution of anywhere operations are undoubtedly at the forefront of the infrastructure and operations (I&O) agenda. 


The recent surge in shared services means that infrastructure needs to be readily available to integrate with AI and other automated technologies that play a pivotal role in stimulating business prosperity. The next generation of employees will have vastly different needs to those of today. The more preparation businesses can do in terms of facilitating geographically boundless remote working practices, the better the chance of an integrated future. 

The benefits of Anywhere Operations

The key benefits of anywhere operation adoption are: 


  • Secure Remote Access 


Safer remote access can be attained through the implementation of strict security protocols. This gives the support teams vital access to massive networks that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Mean time to resolution (MTTR) is significantly increased which helps to improve long-term service level agreements (SLAs) 


  • Automated Deployment 


Anywhere operations also help to oversee and automate the deployment of products and services across a distributed infrastructure. Lower risk ratios are achieved through heightened automation and the constant innovation and remodeling of new versions. Quality testing teams can provide feedback faster and deliver more accurate results.   


  • Seamless Customer Support 


Secure remote access greatly improves customer support and allows businesses to operate twenty-four-hour technical assistance. Diverse customer bases are supported through strong values and quality-backed initiatives that deliver a positive impact on brand loyalty and help increase net promoter ratings. 

Anywhere Operations Challenges

The most challenging thing about anywhere operations is the need for modern, dynamic business environments. Adopting an anywhere operations approach can prove tricky for businesses that haven’t implemented their digital transformation strategy or change management plan and fully modernized. 


There is a certain degree of risk and complexity when restructuring intricate processes that facilitate the practice of anywhere operation. Remote environments and work from home (WFH) settings can also present obstacles to IT-based checks and balances.

How Gartner Envisions Anywhere Operations

According to Gartner, 40% of organizations will blend virtual and physical experiences, leading to increased workforce productivity and customer reach. This means that although the benefits of anywhere operations technology are clear, the distributive effects could be huge. Over the next three years, it could help developers to set the stage for innovation, invention, and creative design. 


Enterprise leaders are starting to evaluate the cross-business impact of supporting employees, customers, and are only now beginning to adopt the notion of anywhere operations post-pandemic.

Anywhere Operations VS Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation is essentially an extension of business process automation and works beyond the confines of isolated processes. Implementing AI and RPA tools successively, enable hyper automated processes to manage repetitive tasks performed by users. 


In relation to anywhere operations, hyper-automation encompasses broad-spectrum applications across multiple industries. For example, within the banking sector, this technique helps with document processing and enables them to select the right products without the physical presence of a manager or client.

Anywhere Operations VS Distributed Cloud

Anywhere operations have been one of the most revelatory tech trends of 2021 and go hand in hand with distributed cloud services. 


Distributed cloud represents the future of cloud computing and delivers a robust environment for edge cloud services. Edge computing provides a vital chance for businesses to amass huge amounts of data from independent locations that are separated by distance and time zone. It significantly reduces costs whilst guaranteeing that cloud computing resources are close by to the physical location of business data. 

Anywhere Operations VS Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is simply defined as software technology that intuitively automated digital tasks and processes. RPA enables developers and users alike to create and build software robots or bots that mimic, understand, and enforce rule-based business processes. 


Anywhere operation allows businesses to get the most out of reflexive RPA solutions that practically anyone can use. These processes drastically reduce costs and the need for expensive infrastructure and oversight. Robotic process automation when contextualized with anywhere operation empowers people to make informed decisions that enhance both access and support.

How Anywhere Operation Effects Digital Transformation

Anywhere operations are much more than a set of distinct business practices and tools that enable remote work. They are integrated systems that serve the same modular objectives and include cloud-based technologies, strong security standards, digitization, and automation. 


Anywhere operation symbolizes the cross-business transformation of processes across essential IT and business elements. It’s a model that incorporates long-term objectives and when integrated effectively, assists in positive change through the support of employees.  


Overall, anywhere operations are providing businesses with extra levels of comfort through the use of extended reality, the internet of things (IoT) mobile solutions, cloud services, and artificial intelligence (AI). It’s helping to transform the way businesses function by allowing them to adapt to challenges in new ways.

Updated: December 06, 2022

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