Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS)

What is DAS?

DAS is an acronym for “Digital Adoption Solutions” which describes an emerging technology category that improves the adoption of software by users. The most effective DAS is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that allows users across entire organizations to adopt limitless platforms and capabilities.

How did DAS begin?

Digital Adoption Solutions was introduced as an official technological category by Gartner Analyst Melissa Hilbert in her 2019 report titled “Increase Sales Productivity with Digital Adoption Solutions.”

This report recognizes a business-wide problem of ever-increasing software demands on organizations in order to complete necessary business processes, without the human capabilities to adopt them all. Simply put, the digital gap between human users and the technology that they must use is too wide to be bridged without a digital solution. The first solution for this specific challenge was WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform. WalkMe’s DAP is referred to in the 2019 DAS Gartner report.

How do Digital Adoption Solutions work?

There are various products that offer solutions for specific adoption challenges. In order to realize a full DAS, however, these are the features that are absolutely essential:


WalkMe Insights allow enterprises to understand how to drive transformational change, where users struggle, which software features or platforms altogether are underutilized and where inefficiencies exist.


Guidance simplifies any online process by providing step-by-step in-application instructions. WalkMe’s guidance feature is called Walk-Thrus. Users can immediately adopt complex processes without any training by just following a series of interactive tip balloons.


It’s essential for the DAS to use AI and contextual awareness to engage users at just the right time and place. Instead of a user searching for help, WalkMe’s DAP proactively displays content to users based on their location, time, system, predicted behavior, and even based on their interaction with the software.


In order to simplify the user experience and boost productivity, a DAS should eliminate empty clicks and automate tedious and complex tasks. WalkMe’s Automation operates on top of any enterprise solution for both the front-end employee, as well as the back-office. It reduces user frustration and results in immediate productivity gains across organizations.

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Updated: September 01, 2022

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