Telecom Companies, Your Digital Transformation is Calling

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

Since the first phone call was made 142 years ago, telecom companies have controlled the way people communicate — and the cost.

But the rapid growth of Facebook, Google, Apple, and other tech disruptors has thrust the world of mobile communication into a new, boundaryless paradigm.

Embrace digital disruption and sail past the competition.

For instance, Facebook has gained a foothold in mobile communication via Facebook Messenger and it’s acquisition of WhatsApp. The company has already started testing its own telecommunications product.

Traditional providers must find new ways of differentiating their offerings to improve the customer experience and maintain loyalty.

The need to digitally transform has never been greater.

How do innovation-oriented companies approach the customer experience?

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One of the key differences between traditional telecom providers and disruptive tech companies is their approach to the customer experience.

Newer, tech-based entrants have innovation at their core, and this gives them an advantage.

First, it enables them to constantly evolve, add new capabilities, expand into adjacent markets, and increase revenue. Second, ongoing innovation allows these companies to continuously optimize the customer experience.

With billions of user sessions per day, the customer experience must remain a top strategic priority.

Telecom’s old tactics can’t compete in a digital age

Until recently there was no need for telecom companies to make significant changes to their business models or approach to the customer experience.

While competition has always existed between providers, consumers were relatively limited in choice.

In the new paradigm, mobile operators must redefine who their competitors are, and how they can offer a superior experience.

Telecom companies, it’s time to reinvent the customer experience


By adding new digital capabilities and advanced analytics, telecom providers can improve online services, use customer data more effectively, and empower employees to provide an optimal customer experience.

Dive deeper.

1. Satisfy consumer demands with enhanced online services

More than ever, consumers want self-service options to solve issues or make changes to their plans. For example, telecom companies can make customer support more accessible and effective by introducing artificial intelligence tools like online chatbots.

Beyond support, online services should address every aspect of the customer journey.

The typical customer journey includes many digital touchpoints. Few customers walk into a store and buy something without doing any research first. Telecom providers can fulfill consumers’ desire for accessible information and ultimately increase sales by making it easy for customers to compare products and prices on their websites.

A better online experience translates to a stronger brand, which is invaluable to any company.

2. Integrate advanced analytics to improve personalization

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The possibilities to apply advanced analytics within telecom companies are uncapped.

For example, network operators can extract meaningful insights from customer data. They can more accurately forecast demand and network capacity, and learn where upgrades are needed.

Advanced analytics of customer data can also predict churn, and enables reps to prevent it with targeted promotions and savings.

Demographic analytics can support marketing efforts at the individual level to ensure advertising dollars are segmented and spent wisely. It can also help inform revenue cycle management personnel of the most effective ways to remind customers to pay their bills.

Advanced analytics tools like machine learning constantly learn customer preferences, allowing support reps to provide personalized services and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Empower employees to offer better human-to-human interactions

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Digital tools may create an infrastructure for customer service improvement, but your employees are the ones who deliver it.

Employees with greater digital capabilities perform at a higher level and provide better customer service.

Nothing is more frustrating for customers than sitting and waiting to speak to a customer service representative from a call center. And nothing is more confusing then when a telecom company’s call center is slow and inefficient. Automation technology could be the answer. By automating rote, mundane tasks, customer service reps can spend less time on busy work and more time handling complex customer complaints. With a more efficient customer support department, the customer experience will improve.

The time to digitally transform is now

The tools telecom companies need to improve business operations and the customer experience are already available. The time to adopt them is now.

New competitors are emerging, and consumer demand for greater access to more personalized services are on the rise. Network providers that cling to traditional ways of thinking and doing will be unable to to compete in the digital age.

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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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