Forrester confirms: DAPs boost digital transformation efforts

Claire McGovern
By Claire McGovern
Updated February 14, 2023

“Global software decision-makers reported that more than 40% of their organization’s software spending in 2021 went to new software licenses and new custom software solutions. DAPs are emerging as catalysts for managing digital transformation, with purpose- built features to enable users to do more with enterprise applications.”

– New Tech: Digital Adoption Platforms, Q2 2022, Vasupradha Srinivasan, Senior Analyst, Forrester.

In Forrester’s New Tech: Digital Adoption Platforms, Q2 2022 report, WalkMe was included in the pure-play and product insight platform functionality segments.

What’s in the report?

DAP transforms how global organizations operate

In the report, Senior Analyst Vasupradha Srinivasan discusses how DAPs empower enterprise organizations to get more out of their software and drive successful adoption of their applications. According to Srinivasan, DAPs have been essential for mitigating the operational challenges during COVID-19, and have since matured to include a more robust solution for employee onboarding, employee experience (EX), change management, and other digital workplace needs.

Forrester states that DAPs can be leveraged to:

  • Improve adoption and usage of enterprise applications.
  • Streamline digital transformation efforts.
  • Boost usage of employee-and-customer-facing technologies.

The report recognizes 17 vendors, ranging from Pure-Play DAPs to Content & Learning Platforms and Product Insight Platforms. Vendors are categorized by their maturity (stage: late, growth, early) in terms of financial strength, DAP offering maturity/solution expertise, scale and investment. 

Find the right platform to support your digital adoption journey

The widespread focus on digital transformation in recent years has highlighted the need for new custom software solutions like never before. But while everybody wants to be digital-forward, organizations are often met with operational challenges that hinder their ability to actually do more with their technology and make good on their digital promise. 

Are you considering DAP as a strategic investment for managing your digital transformation? Learn how DAPs empower organizations to get more out of software and explore how you can improve your overall employee experience. Download the full report.

Claire McGovern
By Claire McGovern
Analyst Relations at WalkMe™.