Work From Home

What is work from home?

Work from home describes work being done remotely, instead of at an office. The acronym “WFH” is used as a nickname for the concept. 

Many organizations transitioned their employees from the office to a work from home model during the Coronavirus global pandemic

How to WFH successfully

Traditionally, work is done in an office. A business functions in a physical workspace and work-related tasks are completed by employees at the office itself. This is changing with the progression of digital transformation. As software capabilities become more complex, and business processes come to rely on them more, companies are finding that many of their employees are no longer bound by a physical workplace in order to work efficiently. Instead, telecommuting, or working from home, can be just as efficient.

Businesses can have a successful WFH workforce if:

Coronavirus and Work From Home

For many, Coronavirus (COVID-19) put work on hold. Employees and business owners of many industries could not transition to a work from home model. For many service providers, however, Coronavirus has pushed them to utilize technology further, and address how they can efficiently and effectively continue to work and function, through digital means. Digital adoption is a key factor in determining how quickly and efficiently a company can function virtually. 

Synonyms for Work From Home

  • WFH
  • Working from home
  • Telecommuting 
  • Remote work
  • Working remotely 
  • Virtual work

Updated: February 28, 2022

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