Why Are Software Walkthroughs So Important?

Walkthroughs are software training solutions that take users step-by-step through a series of actions toward a specific learning objective.

In a business context, software walkthroughs are used for training. They are implemented frequently during the onboarding process but can be used at all stages during the user journey.

In-app walkthroughs guide the user through a predefined series of steps. Theyrefer to software training that occurs while a user is performing a task or process in the platform. This training takes place through the use of pop-up bubbles, tooltips, chatbots, and so forth.

Walkthroughs are becoming more popular in recent years because they offer significant advantages over traditional training methods, such as webinars or classroom learning sessions.

For instance:

  • In-app training is accessible any time, anywhere
  • Contextualized walkthroughs provide immediately relevant information
  • At scale, they deliver a much higher ROI than other forms of software training

Walkthroughs and other types of software training form an important part of the onboarding process. The more effective the walkthrough, the more effectively the user can learn the app.

ROI comes in the form of a decreased learning curve, lower user frustration, and a user’s ability to gain the most possible value from the tool.

Whether a business is training customers or its own employees, walkthroughs are an important aspect of the training process.

Effective training positively impacts user productivity, so businesses should invest carefully in their training solutions.

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