Training Software

What Are the Benefits of Training Software?

Training software is software that helps employees, users, or customers learn, train, and practice while completing an action on the platform.

Most often, training software is used to train new employees during employee onboarding, or new customers during customer onboarding.

There are a number of advantages to using training software, such as:

  • It is cost-effective, reducing the need for human trainers
  • It is efficient, giving users contextual, personalized guidance when they need it
  • It can be more engaging, allowing users to learn as they go

Training software comes in many shapes, sizes, and formats.

However, they all share a few key features:

  • Automation — By providing digital training alternatives, training software reduces the need for human trainers, saving time and money
  • Online Solutions — Digital, cloud-based solutions allow companies to use training software any time, anywhere
  • Customizable — Enterprise training software allows clients to create training programs that fit their company’s unique business needs
  • Data-Driven Insights — Many training software programs track usage statistics, giving companies insight into their employees’ needs and into the effectiveness of the program itself

Regardless of the specific needs of an organization, training software saves time, cuts training costs, and improves productivity.

Updated: April 07, 2022

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