Technology Driven Organization

What Is a Technology-Driven Organization?

A technology-driven organization is a company whose business model, innovation strategy, and growth are technology-centric.

Every organization makes use of various technologies to a certain extent. The degree to which technology drives a company has been studied quite a bit. Various metrics have been proposed that measure the relationship between technology and the value it brings to companies.

A few defining concepts emerge that characterize technology-driven organizations:

  • Technology-driven organizations are innovative, making use of new advances in technology to better serve customers, gain a competitive advantage, and evolve with the marketplace
  • These companies are less afraid of technological advancement, which gives them more mobility, freedom, and creativity to innovate
  • They also embrace a digital culture, workplace, and mindset, focusing on the advantages of new technology instead of clinging to traditional methods and processes

Ultimately, technology-driven organizations are ones that embrace change instead of running from it. Understandably, many organizations are reluctant to give up business models, tools, or legacy systems that have served them well for years or decades.

However, there are advantages to becoming more technology-driven, such as:

  • More agility in a business world that is undergoing constant change
  • Ability to more quickly assimilate new digital technology 
  • A competitive advantage over other companies that fail to innovate

Today’s economy is arguably technologically driven, so technology-driven organizations are likely the ones to be the most successful.

Updated: April 14, 2022

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