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What Are the Business Benefits of Online Training?

Online training, such as software training or skills training, offers a number of benefits over traditional training methods.

The integration of digital technology in the workplace opens up new possibilities when it comes to employee training, onboarding, and orientation. Online training is one such application.

Examples of online training include:

  • Webinars and video training courses
  • Knowledge bases and wikis
  • In-app software training and guidance

A few key features of digital technology make online training more efficient than traditional training formats, such as lectures, seminars, or other in-person training.

Here are a few examples of how businesses benefit from online training:

  • Digital technology makes it extremely affordable to distribute multimedia training materials, such as video courses or training manuals
  • Search technology, forums, wikis, and knowledge bases allow users to instantly search for and discover relevant information
  • Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) fully automate in-app training via chatbots, tooltips, answers, and so on

In all of these examples, businesses see significant ROI. 

Online training:

  • Cuts costs
  • Reduces employee frustration
  • Positively impacts employee retention
  • Presents relevant information in the appropriate context, improving knowledge retention 

Given the fact that digital technology keeps changing, businesses must continually adapt if they want to keep up. 

Every business should invest in online training solutions that are modern, effectve, and economical.


Updated: April 06, 2022

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