Business Transformation

What is business transformation?

Business transformation is a general term for making fundamental changes to how a business runs to create positive and measurable impact. Business transformation has similar characteristics to change management. It can include making changes to processes, technology, systems, and people across an organization or business unit. 

What are different types of business transformation?

  • Business process transformation is a type of transformation that emphasizes changing how things get done and how tasks are completed. It can involve optimization and automation of repetitive processes.  A digital adoption platform can be instrumental in streamlining processes and used as a tool to continuously alleviate unnecessary and cumbersome tasks. Eliminating repetitive tasks or processes gives organizations extra time and resources to be more innovative and productive.
  • Digital transformation is primarily focused on utilizing technology to bring additional value to an organization and its operations. It may be purchasing new software, sharing and aggregating data to improve efficiency, using technology to scale production and distribution, or providing digital offerings to customers.
  • Organizational transformation focuses on the company’s people and looks at the structure and staffing of departments. It includes: assessing internal skills, reporting hierarchies, leveling, and headcount.
  • Management transformation examines high-level management, communication, decision making, and organizational transparency.
  • Cultural transformation can be more complicated but reflects the values of a company and how employees are recognized and rewarded. A cultural transformation is usually connected to a management transformation and how the vision of the company is translated and applied internally and externally. 

Updated: April 06, 2023

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