The State of Digital Adoption 2021

Uncovering digital change, digital adoption, and the gaps which offer opportunity.

While digital adoption is top of mind for executives, employees struggle to operate common software and platforms

of survey respondents say the typical employee has at least four interactions with digital touchpoints a day.
say their typical employee is expected to master at least three new digital touchpoints every year
agree that the ability to rapidly adopt new technologies is a competitive differentiator
executives surveyed rate their transformation strategies as effective.

“Companies have more technology, and that technology is more powerful”

- Andrew Young, a managing director at Accenture

Organizations fail to scale technology or use it in a way that works for their people or transforms the business

Realize greater value from digital assets through broad deployment of a Digital Adoption Platform.

Leverage data to increase user productivity across applications

Gain more out of your technology investment

Uncover user experience data and analytics

Realize higher returns on your digital assets


Driving digital transformation success

How a comprehensive digital adoption strategy, powered by a DAP and backed by senior management, can drive the success of any transformation effort.
Senior executives

see a close link between successful digital transformation and accelerated digital adoption


agree that senior management must have a clear overview of the organization’s digital adoption progress via analytics

With a remote workforce

realize greater value from digital assets through broad deployment of a DAP.

Adapt to the user

DAPs make software adapt to the user, and can become essential to any transformation


The year 2020 tested how well DAPs can help companies make the most of their technology investments.

At a time when businesses urgently needed visibility into both their entire tech stack and the business processes that drive the company, DAPs delivered, connecting humans with technology and serving them when and where they needed guidance.

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