A Year in Review – WalkMe’s 2023 Blueprint

Ori Herrmann
By Ori Herrmann
Updated December 26, 2023

The year 2023 has been an exciting year for both the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) sector and the broader tech industry. We’ve observed unprecedented growth in tech investments and software development, coupled with the rise of AI, which brings its own set of opportunities and challenges.

As the leading enterprise DAP, WalkMe has consistently spearheaded innovations in digital adoption. Now, let’s take a look at the milestones we celebrated in 2023 including new product launches, partnerships, award recognitions, and customer success

How WalkMe’s DAP evolved in 2023 

WalkMe is committed to continuously innovating and advancing the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) category. Our 2023 releases illustrate WalkMe’s unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation to make digital adoption an effortless and efficient process for all users.

We introduced new features and products that  give you more data and insights than ever  before so you can make better decisions and strategically build your digital adoption strategy.

  • WalkMe Discovery: This summer, we announced our newest way to understand how software is used in your organization. WalkMe Discovery gives you complete visibility into application usage to see who’s using what and whether software is being used as intended. Discovery allows you to optimize software spend, rationalize your software portfolio, reduce licensing costs, consolidate duplicate tools, uncover shadow IT, and identify opportunities to boost adoption.

  • UI Intelligence now supports SAP Concur: Optimize and streamline your expense, travel, and invoice forms with actionable recommendations:
    • Simplify the form completion process and eliminate pain points for your users.
    • Improve your data accuracy, reducing incorrect financial records, reimbursement delays, and fraudulent expenses.
    • Minimize non-compliant expenses and reduce your employee support costs related to expense report issues.

We made it easier and faster to build personalized and automated processes to drive digital adoption and support your people.

  • New Editor Experience: Enjoy more intuitive access to all the functionalities needed for creating, managing, and publishing content. Benefit from advanced filtering, folders, and segmentation options.

  • WalkMe Assistant: Leveraging DeepUI, our proprietary AI-based element recognition technology, WalkMe Assistant enables your WalkMe Builders to report and resolve building issues quickly and efficiently within their  workflow by automatically collecting all necessary technical information for a swift resolution.

  • Visual Designer for ShoutOuts: Enhance your creative process with our new Visual Designer Template Gallery! Construct stunning ShoutOuts with less effort and in less time using a wide variety of pre-made templates. You can now also create, save, and share your own templates across your organization for seamless, brand-centric communication.

  • New Workstation Builder Experience: Boost user adoption by simplifying your digital process interactions. This easy-to-use hub allows your employees to launch any application, resource or workflow from one place, either on their desktop or mobile devices. Now with more app integrations for an enhanced experience.

We found new ways  to deliver people-first experiences for frictionless software use across any workflow.

  • Workstation on Mobile: Now available on mobile, Workstation enables your employees to securely access necessary workflows and applications from any location. It offers a seamless experience across both desktop and mobile devices and provides a single-point solution for frontline employees, empowering them to perform critical duties from anywhere.
  • In-App Guidance for Desktop Applications: Effortlessly build and deliver in-app guidance for your Windows Desktop applications using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Use WalkMe to highlight new features, onboard users, and provide step-by-step instructions, driving application adoption and ensuring a unified experience across desktop and web applications for increased productivity and optimal process completion.
  • WalkMe for AI: Introduce new AI capabilities to your teams right in the flow of work and minimize the risks by ensuring secure and effective adoption across your organization.


WalkMe’s partner ecosystem expands

WalkMe’s vibrant Partner Ecosystem saw remarkable growth and expansion this year. Our ecosystem now boasts over 127 partners across the globe. WalkMe’s Public Sector Partner ecosystem continues to expand, with over 50 Partners in North America.

This year, we were also thrilled to welcome more than 10 new partners in the EMEA region, including prominent names such as Oblics, Wipro, Cynefin, Axys, HR Path, NUVA HR, Inova Consulting, Altitudo, Deloitte, Capgemini, and NNIT. WalkMe also established a strategic global alliance with Tech Mahindra. These partners will play a crucial role in expanding WalkMe’s strong global footprint and drive DAP success at a local level.

Not only have our partner numbers increased, we’ve also seen the capabilities of our partners strengthen with 60+ certified professionals across our partner organizations who are proficient with WalkMe, enhancing our ability to deliver customer success.

In October,
WalkMe launched the Propel Partner Program to support growing demand for digital adoption technology worldwide. This global program is designed to activate, manage, and scale solutions, services, and technology partners through a new world-class interface. Propel gives global and regional service integrators as well as ISV/tech alliance partners a head-start in harnessing the rapidly-expanding Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) market. The new experience offered by the program provides existing and new partners with the foundation to unlock enterprise-scale revenue streams, delivering consistently brilliant, personalized, and responsive digital experiences for joint customers.

With the launch of Propel, WalkMe inaugurated the annual Propel Partner Awards, recognizing partners who have shown exemplary performance, collaboration, and commitment to delivering outstanding solutions to clients across various regions and industries. 

The 2023 winners include:

  • Global Partner of the Year: Deloitte
  • Americas Partner of the Year: SolutionsATI
  • Tech Alliances/ISV Partner of the Year: SAP Concur
  • EMEA Partner of the Year: Charlton House
  • Federal Partner of the Year: Red River
  • APJ Partner of the Year: The Big Middle

As we step into 2024, we remain committed to building stronger partnerships and delivering consistently strong, personalized, and responsive digital experiences. We aim to serve not only our joint partners but also our valued customers with dedication and excellence – and with that, on to our customers! Interested in becoming a WalkMe partner? Click here to get started.

Customer wins in 2023 

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the success of our customers in 2023. We’ve captured the remarkable achievements our customers have accomplished with WalkMe. From streamlining transitions to new systems, driving customer experience, reducing support tickets, to automating HR processes, we’re proud to be part of their digital transformation journey. Let’s dive in!

Discover how: 

  • Smith+Nephew improved data accuracy and reduced errors by 70%.
  • TUI Group increased employee self-sufficiency by 80%.
  • Visma experienced a 150% increase in event attendance at product update events.
  • Deloitte reduced support tickets by 30%.
  • NEC decreased data input time on Salesforce by 20%.
  • Veolia saved more than 11,000 productivity hours and 10,800 support hours over a 12-month period.
  • Overstock realized 100% ROI within 12 months.
  • Origin Energy reduced support tickets by 70%.
  • EDF Renewables dropped support tickets by 90% and increased newsletter views by more than 80%.

Moreover, we are thrilled to announce that 13 organizations were recognized in our annual Realizer Awards across 4 categories. The Realizer Awards spotlight companies and industry leaders that are using – and evangelizing – digital adoption to realize the full potential of technology in their respective spaces.

Meet our amazing finalists and winners:

We’re excited to share their success stories and look forward to enabling more achievements in the future!

The thriving WalkMe community

In 2023, we continued our commitment to fostering a thriving online community of Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) professionals. Our aim has always been to provide a space for support, resources, and growth opportunities in digital adoption. This year, we’ve seen our community grow in leaps and bounds, and we’re excited to share some highlights with you.

Celebrating our MVPs

This year, we were thrilled to announce nine outstanding individuals as the inaugural winners  of our WalkMe MVP program. These professionals have shown exemplary dedication and expertise in their respective fields, and we’re proud to recognize them:

The launch of the DAP Pro Show

We launched the DAP Pro Show this year as a way to highlight inspiring DAP stories, recognize DAP professionals’ leadership, and inspire others. Speakers from companies like GOJO, Panda Express, CHRISTUS Health, RBC, LinkedIn, Johnson Controls, and EDF Renewables offered their insights on topics ranging from change management principles to data strategies in digital adoption.

Empowering DAP Professionals with Digital Adoption Institute (DAI)

In 2023, we made significant strides with our Digital Adoption Institute (DAI). We released our “Fundamentals” course in October, which was met with great enthusiasm. We also saw an impressive number of certifications across various levels:

  • Builder I: 476 certifications
  • Builder II: 270 certifications
  • Project Lead I: 108 certifications
  • Program Manager I: 2 certifications

These figures represent not just our customers, partners, and internal users who have achieved these certifications, but also the broader growth and development of the DAP professional community. You can join the Digital Adoption Institute by clicking below.
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As we look back on a year filled with growth and learning, we’re more committed than ever to empowering DAP professionals and driving digital adoption forward. We look forward to what the future holds for our vibrant community.
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Growing coverage of the DAP market

As the category creator, WalkMe has once again emerged as a notable player and leader in the rapidly evolving landscape of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) in 2023, capturing the attention of several industry analysts. 

The year 2022 marked a significant tipping point for DAPs, as analyst firms recognized and initiated coverage of these platforms as invaluable business tools. Building upon this momentum, 2023 witnessed these firms confirming the business value of DAPs through comprehensive reports and in-depth analysis, substantiating the benefits they offer. Now, let us explore these benefits and delve into the insightful analyst reports about WalkMe’s achievements in 2023.

Widely considered as one of the world’s leading research firms, IDC interviewed a variety of WalkMe customers of different sizes, across industries, and from all over the world for a white paper on The Business Value of WalkMe. The study  illustrates the benefits customers derive from WalkMe DAP, including $41.4 million in new annual revenue, 60% faster adoption of new applications and features, and 45% faster application migrations. Additionally, IDC calculated that WalkMe delivers a 3-year 494% ROI. 

From our perspective, the Gartner Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms is one of the leading pieces of research on the DAP sphere, focusing on individual vendors and their capabilities, as well as where the industry is heading. Of the 12 vendors listed in the 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Digital Adoption Platforms, WalkMe is recognized as a Representative Vendor for DAPs. Additionally, WalkMe is one of three recognized vendors that offers generative AI capabilities.

Everest Group recognized WalkMe as a Leader for the fourth year in a row and a Star Performer for the second time in the Everest PEAK Matrix® for Digital Adoption Platforms 2023. As one of the leading global research firms, Everest Group is widely recognized for helping Global 1000 firms improve their performance by optimizing business services. The PEAK Matrix® for Digital Adoption Platforms is a comprehensive evaluation of 23 DAP providers and is an effective way for buyers to compare vendors based on product offerings, vision and capabilities, and market impact.  

Making headlines in 2023 

In 2023, WalkMe made waves in tech industry news. The leadership and expert team at WalkMe were not just part of the conversation, but they were shaping it.

Our CIO, Uzi Dvir, was at the forefront of this discourse. His insightful article, “Democratizing AI with Digital Adoption Platforms,” featured in InfoWorld, delved into how Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) can make AI accessible to all. The piece resonated with the publication’s one million monthly readers, sparking meaningful discussions about the future of AI.

The impact of WalkMe’s technology wasn’t only theorized but also demonstrated through tangible case studies. European travel company, TUI, revealed their digital adoption journey with WalkMe on UNLEASH. The success story, accompanied by a podcast, shed light on the transformative power of tech in industries like travel.

However, with great technological power comes great responsibility. WalkMe’s CISO, Daniel Chechik, addressed this in his thought-provoking piece, “Human Error Doesn’t Have to Be a Single Point of Failure.” He also wrote a guide titled “AI’s Promise and Peril: A Guide to Protecting Sensitive Data,” offering a balanced perspective on managing AI’s benefits and risks while protecting sensitive data.

On the Federal Tech Talk podcast, Billy Biggs, VP of Public Sector at WalkMe, highlighted the financial savings federal agencies could achieve through using a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). This talk came on the heels of WalkMe’s FedRAMP certification news, reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering value at all levels of operation.

This FedRAMP milestone marks an important chapter in WalkMe’s growth trajectory, as it signifies its formal entry into the U.S. Federal market. The FedRAMP Ready status is a testament to WalkMe’s robust security and privacy measures, meeting the stringent requirements set by the U.S. federal government. This achievement was highlighted in Martech Series in the article, “WalkMe Achieves FedRAMP Ready Status.”

And in a groundbreaking move, WalkMe launched a new product – WalkMe Discovery. This innovative visibility solution marked a new chapter in digital adoption, solidifying WalkMe’s position as a leader in the tech industry.

In this way, 2023 became a pivotal year for WalkMe, as it continued to shape the discourse around digital adoption and AI, demonstrating its transformative impact across industries.

WalkMe takes the stage

Throughout 2023, WalkMe has been making things happen from screen to global stage. We’ve hosted, attended, and spoken at a multitude of events, ensuring we meet our DAP professionals, partners, and customers wherever they are – from the comfort of their homes to locations across the globe.

From main stages and booths to soirees and webinars, every WalkMe event was designed with a single goal in mind: to enhance the customer experience and provide a firsthand view of WalkMe in action. Now, let’s delve into what made up WalkMe’s eventful year, beginning with our flagship event – Realize.

Realize ’23 was more than just an event; it was a blueprint for leveraging DAP from present to the future. We brought together thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world for an unforgettable 80-minute keynote session. The session featured live product demonstrations, showcasing upcoming innovations and how organizations can leverage Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to drive business value.

We were honored to have Ethan Mollick, an innovation expert, artificial intelligence thought leader, and professor of entrepreneurship at The Wharton School, share his insights and wisdom. Moreover, the fireside chat with Nestlé and our annual customer awards ceremony added a unique flair to the event.

Breakout sessions: Knowledge sharing and inspiration

Our four breakout sessions proved to be a treasure trove of practical best practices and inspiration across key topics:

If you missed Realize, not to worry! You can still stream all of the content on demand.

Watch now >>

Realize wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. A big THANK YOU to: Deloitte, book&brayer, Charlton House, DGTL Ventures, GuideMe, Infosys Consulting, Jabil, reSolved, SolutionsATI, and Tech Mahindra for supporting the event.

Extending beyond the boundaries of our main event and your screens, WalkMe embarked on a global journey to connect with DAP professionals at our summer soiree series, local user groups, and ‘WalkMe on Tour’ events held across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Additionally, WalkMe hosted numerous virtual webinars featuring insights from DAP experts, customers, partners, and analysts. You can explore all of these webinars along with our on-demand virtual events from this year here.

Our commitment to meeting customers where they are and providing the latest advancements in digital adoption remains unwavering, and we look forward to continuing this mission in 2024. 

See where WalkMe is going to be next! 

The 2023 awards that make WalkMe a winning platform

WalkMe’s achievements in 2023 were recognized by a number of leading industry organizations. 

Check out our awards page to see all of our awards from this year!
Explore WalkMe’s Awards now>>

Looking ahead to 2024…

In 2023, we proved our ability to offer our customers and partners a blueprint for software success. As we look forward to 2024, we are filled with anticipation, especially considering the ever-evolving state of AI and the continuous rapid advancements in technology. 

Our promise is to keep pace with these developments. We plan to continue producing DAP products, creating valuable content, organizing insightful events, and providing an array of resources. All of this is aimed at continually adding value for you, our esteemed customer. We are incredibly excited about what the future holds and we hope you are too.

Ori Herrmann
By Ori Herrmann
Ori is a Content & Creative Manager at WalkMe, where he excels in brand messaging and implementing effective content strategies. With a degree in Graphic Communication Management and experience in B2C content marketing & creative management, he helps WalkMe connect with its audience, fostering meaningful engagement.