Build the digitized government of tomorrow — today | WalkMe achieves FedRAMP-Ready status!

Daniel Chechik
By Daniel Chechik
Updated May 2, 2023

WalkMe has reached another milestone in becoming FedRAMP-Ready, meeting the demanding security and privacy requirements of the U.S. federal government – making it the first digital adoption platform (DAP) to achieve this status. But what does that mean for government entities and their customers, and why is FedRAMP so important? Let’s discuss. 

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP stands for Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. It is an initiative established by the federal government to ensure the security of cloud service providers used by government agencies. It requires vendors to adhere to rigorous security protocols, including encryption processes, authentication protocols, user access restrictions, etc., before they are allowed to offer their services to any government entity. 

By achieving FedRAMP-Ready status, WalkMe has proven its commitment to protecting sensitive data and providing secure services in accordance with the highest standards set forth by the United States government. 

Why is FedRAMP important?

FedRAMP outlines the mandatory security standards and requirements for all cloud service providers serving the US federal government and agencies. WalkMe has passed the strict vetting, presenting a comprehensive secured and monitored dedicated environment which can serve governmental institutions. 

What does it mean for you? 

The primary benefit of achieving this status for our customers is increased peace of mind when purchasing WalkMe’s DAP solution; knowing that we have met all of the necessary requirements for doing business with the federal government pros trays just how rigorous our security measures and controls as well as reliable for our global customers. 

The process of becoming FedRAMP-Ready required WalkMe to re-examine and enforce the strict protocols of DAP — including encryption processes, authentication procedures, user access restrictions — allowing our customers to rest assured that their personal information remains safe while using our platform.  

With a trusted FedRAMP-Ready digital adoption platform, WalkMe helps governments and their entities to accelerate digitization with a:

  • Government-compliant environment – Empowering both employees and citizen digital experiences within a secure, controlled digital workspace.
  • Customizable overlay technology – Creating a flexible digital experience on top of existing software.
  • Software agnostic platform- Deployable to any legacy, home grown, or third-party software.
  • Authoritative data source- Provides actionable insights into user journeys and workflows. 

WalkMe sets the standards for the digital adoption ecosystem

As the pioneer DAP cloud solution provider, WalkMe continues to break boundaries and set the tone for true DAP. From the days of building the original DAP solution back in 2011, to being the first DAP to go public on Nasdaq, WalkMe has been acknowledged by numerous analysts firms as the leader in its field. Just a decade after forming, WalkMe is now the first FedRAMP-Ready DAP.

Start building the digitized government of tomorrow – today

Accelerate digital transformation by helping employees and citizens adopt, engage and become more digitally dexterous with technology. Design human-centric experiences to boost digital adoption, improve employee efficiency and strengthen citizen relations with WalkMe.

Want to learn more about what FedRAMP means to you? Learn more >> 

Daniel Chechik
By Daniel Chechik
Daniel Chechik is Chief Information Security Officer at WalkMe where he is responsible for the security of all information systems as well as creating and implementing security policies and procedures. Prior to joining WalkMe, Daniel was a security researcher at Trustwave. He also served in the Israel Defense Forces’ intelligence corps in the cyber security department. Daniel holds a BSc degree in Computer Science from the College of Management in Israel.