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Realizer Awards 2023.

The Realizer Awards spotlight companies and industry leaders that are using - and evangelizing - digital adoption to realize the full potential of technology in their respective spaces.

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Meet our amazing finalists and winners below!

Innovative Company

Celebrates organizations and teams that use digital adoption in innovative ways to deliver business value.

Because these awards are given to companies rather than individuals, it’s an honor that everyone on your team can take pride in 🎉.

Best Customer Experience Finalists

Best Employee Experience Finalists

Transformational Business Impact Finalists

Inspiring Leader

Celebrates individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership and achievement in digital adoption initiatives.

Winners are those who apply digital adoption strategies to create substantial business impact and achieve their organizations’ technology visions.

DAP Professional of the Year

Neerja Katwala

Digital Adoption Experience Manager


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Christopher McManus

Owner and Lead Consultant


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Jake Soltysik

Digital Adoption Manager


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