Hitachi Vantara Drives Sales with a Digital Adoption Platform

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

The leaders of a digital company like Hitachi Vantara, perhaps know better than anyone, how crucial it is to optimize value gained from technology. This is in fact Hitachi Vantara’s area of expertise, and so it is no surprise that when hundreds of their sales reps faced challenges adopting their top-of-line sales technology stack, they knew that they needed a digital adoption solution. 

Sure, employees can “manage” and get by with barely scratching the surface of their enterprise software capabilities, but in terms of the business fully realizing the potential ROI –  it’s far from the promised value and can drain the company fast. This is how Hitachi Vantara fully realized sales software success with a Digital Adoption Platform.

When a revenue problem is a digital adoption problem

The larger an organization gets, and the more revenue it needs to drive consistently, the more employees need to be digitally symbiotic with their technology. When Jeff McKittrick became the VP of Sales Business Capabilities at Hitachi Vantara, the sales reps were not performing at the level that the company needed them to be. However, they were excellent reps, with top-of-the-line tech. So what was missing?


As a sales leader with extensive technical knowledge, Jeff suspected the issue was not about the talent, but was more of an issue with how fully the software was being adopted and employed by the reps. With more than 9 sales tools reps use on a daily basis to drive their success, Hitachi Vantara needed a way to see which tools were being used and exactly how.

“I needed better insights and analytics to see where I needed to focus to tackle these challenges,” McKittrick says. “Where were people getting stuck? Where were people not going that we were expecting them to?”

McKittrick used WalkMe at a previous company and so he knew that WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform would give him and the rest of Hitachi Vantara’s leadership the insights that they needed to solve the revenue problem. DAP was already being used for their Partner Portal, but WalkMe was then rolled out across the sales stack. 

Isolating problems and being able to solve them

As soon as DAP was implemented, McKittrick and his team got to work. The DAP Center provided a clear view into the day-to-day experience of his reps and they quickly identified the points that were causing friction, frustration, and poor performance..

“What would normally take us a bunch of cycles of shadowing salespeople we were now able to do with the DAP Center” he continues. “From there I was able to build solutions to show our executives how we could build WalkMe solutions to get the most value from our investments.”

Hitachi Vantara Video Testimonial from WalkMe, Inc. on Vimeo.

It is often the “small” issues that cause a massive problem. Being able to target those issues is extremely valuable. But what makes WalkMe not just an analytics and insight tool, but a digital adoption tool, is that DAP can not only identify critical problems that impact revenue but can also solve them as well.

WalkMe worked seamlessly across all of their sales applications and the sales reps are now able to easily access it directly from their desktops. This solution is called WalkMe Workstation. For Hitachi Vantara, their Workstation includes more than 9 sales tools, HR platforms, and IT support. Their digital needs are all met in one simple interface. Automation makes the repetitive points of tension automatically filled and “adopted” with just a few clicks.

How does this impact the bottom line? Sales reps can now move directly from their desktop  through the entire process that needs to be completed. Imagine that one task that usually takes 8 different softwares to complete, can now be done within a couple of clicks from the desktop. 

Drive bottom line results faster

Since implementing WalkMe, there has been an 88% increase in digital adoption of sales tools and training time has been reduced by 86%. Rep onboarding is faster and development costs are lower. 

You can learn more about Hitachi Vantara’s incredible sales tech transformation with WalkMe and the many other companies that are thriving with DAP on our Customer Stories page.

“As a leader who’s trying to figure out what to invest in next, I want to know: are we actually getting what we want out of the tools that we’ve implemented?”

– Jeff McKittrick

With WalkMe, Hitachi Vantara’s leaders were finally able to get the answer to that question and drive bottom line results like never before.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.