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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated July 13, 2022

2020 changed the digital sales landscape, and technology played an even greater role. Salespeople needed to connect to clients in a different way and develop new strategies to keep up with changing demands.

To address this shift, on Wednesday, January 13th, WalkMe is hosting a fascinating event, The Anatomy of a Winning Sales Tech Stack,” geared to sales professionals who are looking for the right tech for their teams to increase speed, efficiency, and digital enablement. 

Full of high-level speakers, quality content, and some fun surprises, enter 2021 with a command of how you can best leverage sales tech to guarantee organizational wins.
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What will you gain?  

The packed agenda will cover a spectrum of sales tech objectives, such as:

  • creating new benchmarks for your sales org 
  • using data and metrics to measure the effectiveness of your sales tech stack

Speakers will dive deeper into improving employee efficiency and satisfaction in relation to tech as well as how to keep up with an evolving sales ecosystem amidst disruption.

Who will be there?

The event is open to sales professionals, business leaders, department directors, specialists in sales and digital transformation, and anyone with a connection to sales tech. 

The lineup includes a roster of top speakers who will be sharing their experiences, best practices and recommendations. Hosted by WalkMe’s own Jeff McKittrick, Vice President of Sales Execution and Matthew Bigelow, Sr. Director of Sales Execution, attendees will have the opportunity to hear tactical and strategic insights from the following senior sales leaders: 

Aaron Ross – Co-CEO, PredictableRevenue.com

Brian G. Burns – Host of The Brutal Truth about Sales and The Sales Leadership Show

Linda Page – VP, Field Enablement, Splunk

Bryan Berumen – Managing Partner, Accenture

Don Holzmacher – Technology Analyst II, Paychex

Tonya Lobb – Sales Enablement Analyst, Paychex

Perks and surprises

To get pumped before the event, on Wednesday, January 6th Dooly and the Daily Sales will run a Fire Talk featuring Brian Burns, Jeff McKittrick, Josh Roth and more to talk about sales while eating extremely spicy hot sauce, get ready to laugh.

At the Anatomy of a Winning Sales Tech Stack event, there will be a surprise entertainer who, without giving too much away, is to put it simply a master at their craft.

The time is now

Kick off 2021 with a one-of-a-kind informative and engaging event that will catapult your sales tech knowledge and practice to the next level.

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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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