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Workstation Featured on WalkMe Booth Live

Workstation Featured on WalkMe Booth Live

By Lia Ciner

With large in-person events currently canceled or postponed around the globe, we decided to create a quarterly event in which we showcase a WalkMe product at our virtual booth: WalkMe Booth Live.

Workstation is the all-in-one employee experience solution

The Q3 Booth Live was all about Workstation.

Workstation transforms your entire software deck into a single interface on their desktops and serves all employee needs. By connecting employees to all of their applications, their task completion is simplified and expedited. 

The jumble of applications becomes one seamless, easy to use experience. From their Workstation widget, employees can:

  • Access any app
  • Search for anything across all applications
  • Ask for help
  • Receive notifications

Keep employees engaged and informed

Communicate with your employees using our notification templates to drive visibility to critical announcements and updates with our ShoutOuts that display over any screen directly to the desktop.

Gain visibility into software usage and productivity with Management Dashboards

Insight’s Management Dashboards, designed especially for executives:

  • Provide an overview of your tech portfolio and software usage 
  • Let you collect your end-users’ engagement with both your WalkMe solution and your underlying application or website
  • Let you view accurate re-creations of your end-users’ in-app session

With Management Dashboards, you can identify business-critical apps and your most commonly used software, so you can save unnecessary costs and ensure that your business realizes the full value of your software.  

Ensure business continuity & accelerate business

Agility is a top commodity right now, with the need to keep pace with the digital changes taking place, and the transition to a seemingly permanent remote workforce. 

Join the leading companies utilizing Workstation to drive employee success and business growth.


Lia Ciner
Lia specializes in analyzing and forecasting the development of corporate culture in the digital era. Her experience in both NGOs and high-tech gives her a unique perspective and passion for exploring psychology, global business trends, and how technology is impacting the evolution of our culture.