WalkMe UI Intelligence doubly honored with two industry awards

Moran Shemer
By Moran Shemer
Updated September 29, 2022

If you haven’t yet heard about WalkMe UI Intelligence, you’ve come to the right place. We just won two more industry awards for this technology and we want to shout it from the rooftops. 

UI Intelligence (UII) is an AI/ML technology that understands and analyzes user interfaces (UI), similar to face or voice recognition. It allows us to understand context, elements on a page, and business processes directly from the UI. The UI Intelligence technology was developed by WalkMe’s DeepUI R&D organization, which has been granted 6 patents in 2021 alone. 

Let’s take a quick look at the rise of UI Intelligence, celebrate some pretty significant award wins, and see how UII can help your business. 

December 2021: UI Intelligence goes live!

WalkMe CEO & Co-founder Dan Adika, announces UI Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamic 365, its first use case. With UII, Dynamics customers can automatically get insights into their user experience. For example, are able to see what type of errors users are getting, where the errors are happening, and precisely how long it takes users to complete a process.

March 2022: WalkMe UI Intelligence wins Business Intelligence Group’s Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award.

Read more about why this was a BIG DEAL here

June 2022: UI Intelligence (UII) wins a Gold Globee Award for Artificial Intelligence in the 17th Annual 2022 IT World Awards®.

These awards honor achievements and recognitions in the information technology and cyber security industries worldwide. More than 170 industry expert judges from around the world participated in the judging process that crowned UII this year’s gold winner for artificial intelligence. 

June 2022: UII wins Remote Tech Breakthrough’s Overall Remote Tech Solution of the Year.

This award recognizes the world’s best technology companies, products and services that empower remote work around the globe. Winning the overall solution of the year category was tremendously meaningful for us as an organization because we believe in the importance of empowering remote work. WalkMe was entirely remote during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and has committed to continuing to provide hybrid and remote work options. In 2020, WalkMe’s Workstation won this same category

This technology keeps winning awards because there is nothing like it out there and it drives real business outcomes. Here’s why. 

What does UI Intelligence do?

In 2021, Harvard Business Review wrote, “Three major hurdles still hinder 94% of organizations from achieving meaningful digital transformation: getting the right data insights, keeping data private and secure, and having sufficient financial resources.” 

UI Intelligence addresses the first two hurdles. 

Enterprise applications have tremendous amounts of forms and fields for people to fill out. In many cases, people find it challenging to fill these forms, which yields errors, frustration, abandonment of processes, and lots of time wasted. 

When important fields are skipped or filled out incorrectly, management cannot make decisions based on accurate information. This can lead to false conclusions and time spent on the wrong priorities. 

Bad data compounds over time and affects every level of an organization. For example, when customer information is incorrect or duplicated, it results in inconsistent experiences with your brand. Leads can be incorrectly qualified, or the wrong product or service could be offered to the wrong segments of customers. Also, documentation of root causes for customer churn may be lacking or erroneous, crippling the organization’s growth efforts. 

With UI Intelligence, organizations can identify, for the first time, the exact behaviors that cause bad data, and then deploy solutions with pinpoint accuracy. Maximizing data accuracy while boosting productivity on forms and fields within enterprise applications using UII is already proving itself for many of the world’s leading enterprises.

Why is UI Intelligence so unique? 

There is no other technology available today that can understand user behavior and errors across applications and software on a massive scale while providing automated insights and real-time course correction. 

WalkMe’s UI Intelligence watches how end-users interact with software and looks for common sources of errors and confusion without collecting personal identifiable information (PII). It is able to learn, aggregate, and connect the dots between endless user sessions while holding itself to the highest privacy and GDPR standards

Our AI knows to block PII and still deliver meaningful insights. Enterprise-grade technology is inherently restrictive, and our AI has learned to deliver its brilliance despite all of the privacy constraints. UI Intelligence uses the power of advanced pattern recognition to identify content that might contain private information – and filter it out. 

All of that data is then used to power analytics dashboards, which give customers a clear picture of the biggest sources of friction in their user experience. UI Intelligence is also uniquely easy to use – after deploying the browser extension, the technology is purely autonomous and provides actionable insights after a short period of time, without any need for manual configuration. 

Additionally, UI Intelligence democratizes data by sharing insights only available from massive datasets to customers so that they can see precisely how their user behavior compares to similar anonymized organizations. 

Now all of their digital adoption decisions are backed by concrete data that is easy to communicate and use in data-driven decision making. As with any AI-powered technology, accuracy increases over time as more data is collected.

UI Intelligence is an essential part of WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), which consists of a series of technology solutions that provide insights into user inefficiencies that hold companies back and the tools to deploy solutions to these problems right in the application with the click of a button, speeding up time to value from application usage. 

UI Intelligence is the next phase in the evolution of user analytics technology, and WalkMe is proud to lead the way. 

Where can I get UI Intelligence? 

UI Intelligence currently supports Salesforce Lightning, Microsoft Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, and SuccessFactors. 

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 admin, click here to get a 60 day free trial for UI Intelligence. 

Want more details on UI Intelligence? 

Visit our support knowledge base here or contact us via email at sales@walkme.com

Moran Shemer
By Moran Shemer
Mr. Moran Shemer is VP of R&D at Walkme, leading the DeepUI R&D organization together with Dr. Ron Zohar. He is an expert in the design and development of large-scale software systems. He holds a BSc. in Computer Science from Ben Gurion University and an M.A. in economics from Tel Aviv University. With over 20 years of experience in management, design, and development of data-intensive command and control software systems, Mr. Shemer held several engineering and managerial positions and was the leader of the command and control system in a flagship national project that won the Israel Defense Prize.