5 questions with Dan Adika on UI Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365™️

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023

Launching a new product is always thrilling. Especially one close to the heart of Dan Adika, our CEO and Co-Founder, like WalkMe’s latest product, UI Intelligence (UII) for Microsoft Dynamics 365™️. 

As we introduce UII to the market, Dan sat down with us to answer 5 burning questions about WalkMe’s latest product, UI Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365™️.

So what is UI Intelligence?

UI Intelligence is a new AI/ML technology that understands and analyzes user interfaces, similar to face or voice recognition. UII allows us to understand context, elements on a page, and business processes directly from the UI without computer vision, which is a type of AI that enables computers to derive meaningful information from digital images and other visual inputs and take action. 

And today we are launching just one out of many applications of UI Intelligence:  UII for Microsoft Dynamics 365™️UI Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365™️ will allow Dynamics customers to automatically get insights regarding their user experience; for example, they will be able to see what type of errors users are getting, where the errors are happening, and how much time it takes users to complete a process.

All of this is done without any configuration or any additional action from customers, it’s all being done automatically by our AI/ML algorithms. Just last year we got 6 patents on this technology.

How did UII come to be? 

WalkMe has a great insight and analytics platform, but one of the main requests we get from our customers is that they need to know what’s broken, proactively. Our customers deploy dozens of applications, and they need a technology that will help them prioritize and understand exactly where any issues are. 

We took up the challenge to build something that won’t need any BI or data analysts that can be done completely by machine. So we built an AI algorithm that will automatically detect basic things like errors, completion time of forms, error types, etc.  We ran it on our own CRM, and the results were mind blowing. From there, we productized the technology, and today we are excited to launch the first app designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365™️.

Why did you decide to create WalkMe UII for Microsoft Dynamics 365™️

Companies invest millions of dollars in technology, but without adoption, this investment is worth nothing. When talking with CIOs, System Admins, and Sales Operations, one of their main issues is lack of data and visibility into usage. They don’t have an easy way to see what’s going on with their users, therefore making it almost impossible to improve the user experience and drive better adoption.

With UI Intelligence, they will be able to see exactly what is working and what’s not working in their CRM system, which will help them reduce data inaccuracy, improve their data quality, reduce time to complete a form, and increase the overall completion rate. 

What’s the significance of machine learning/deep learning in general in 2022 and beyond? And for WalkMe specifically?

As mentioned above, UII is a ground breaking technology; by having machine learning for how we use software, identify anomalies, and notify on exactly where we need to improve, we will be able to take productivity to a new level. And this is just the beginning. Imagine that the machine will correct you automatically, do the process for you, and even automate the workflow for you.

The impact is huge –not just for the end user,  but also for today’s enterprises that have issues with massive amounts of data.  It’s very hard for enterprises to drive change management without insight into technology adoption to solve for gaps in productivity.  With AI, understanding exactly where the issues are will allow enterprises to help users in real time.  And solving these problems up front will help enterprises maximize their ROI on technology while improving their strategic goals.

What are some of the benefits to Microsoft Dynamics 365™️ customers?

For our existing customers this feature will help them build more specific content because they will be able to see exactly where people are having issues. It will help them prioritize and focus on the main issues. In addition, they will be able to measure the impact and show their leadership team the real ROI from the technology they bought.

WalkMe will be rolling out UI Intelligence for other systems over the next several months. So if you’re clamoring for UI Intelligence for your system of choice, stay tuned!

Learn more about WalkMe UI Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365™️ and download your 60-day-free trial.

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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