Streamline User Adoption with WalkMe for Oracle Cloud ERP

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 8, 2023
WalkMe for Oracle Cloud ERP can help organizations realize the full value of this sophisticated ERP platform. The Oracle Cloud ERP platform is a deep, complex enterprise tool that can add significant value to an organization’s bottom line.  However, to take full advantage of the software, organizations need the right approach to digital adoption. WalkMe’s innovative Digital Adoption Platform combines contextualized guidance with cutting-edge analytics.  This advanced employee training technology helps organizations streamline digital adoption and maximize the value of their ERP platform.

Steps for Effectively Adopting the Oracle Cloud ERP Platform

In order to adopt new users or new software, organizations need to develop a digital adoption strategy. To design a strategy that effectively onboards and trains software users, it is important to understand a few key concepts: Today’s enterprise-grade software carries a learning curve. Professional tools such as Oracle Cloud ERP require onboarding and training. The more complex the platform, the more complex the learning curve.  Training quality impacts employee proficiency and productivity. Digital software training is a must in today’s workplace, and it cannot be treated as an afterthought or a luxury. Training quality directly impacts digital skill levels, which in turn affects employee productivity and output. Software returns depend on how extensively that software is utilized. Another key consideration is platform functionality. Organizations that only use a portion of that platform’s functionality will only be seeing a portion of their potential returns. Adaptable, agile training helps trainers meet the changing demands of the digital workplace. Because today’s digital workplaces undergo continual change, employees must continually learn new tools and workflows. In this ever-changing work environment, trainers must also find tools and training approaches that help them deliver relevant, valuable training. Good user experiences and training approaches impact software ROI … as well as the bottom line. Today, enterprise platforms play critical roles in every business. Enterprise-grade platforms, such as ERP platforms, significantly affect business functions and even the bottom line. In today’s digital business environment, continual learning and continual change are the norm. Effective digital adoption strategies are essential to keep up, stay competitive, and get ahead.

Digital Adoption Platforms Simplify User Adoption and Boost Productivity

Digital Adoption Platforms are innovative training tools that help organizations maximize the value of their software investments. Harvard Business Review Analytics Services surveyed over 500 corporate executives to get their input on the value digital adoption solutions offer towards the success of their digital transformations. WalkMe’s platform, for instance, offers a number of key features that help organizations transform their adoption and employee training efforts These include: Contextualized assistance. In-app guidance delivers information at the moment of need, providing users with the right information exactly when they need it. This training method brings with it a number of benefits. These include improved knowledge retention, decreased productivity lags, and a streamlined user experience, to name a few. Step-by-step walkthroughs. Tutorials can help users – regardless of tech aptitude or previous experience – learn work processes, both simple and complex. WalkMe has developed a range of walkthroughs for Oracle Cloud ERP, all of which can be edited and customized. Software analytics. Software analytics can offer insight into users’ learning blocks, training needs, and errors. That information, in turn, can help improve digital training programs over the long term. Task automation. WalkMe’s automation functionality can take over mundane, repetitive tasks. Employees are then free to work on more interesting, value-added activities. Applying these features effectively can make enormous differences in the impact of user training.

The Biggest Benefits of Using WalkMe for Oracle Cloud ERP

Here are some of the ways that WalkMe can enhance the value of an Oracle Cloud ERP implementation: A streamlined digital workplace. WalkMe’s guidance fosters seamless, fluid interaction between users and their tools. Users become more productive, more quickly, and rely less on external support. This, in turn, helps cultivate a culture of self-reliance and independence. Enhanced employee productivity. Better training also improves the workforce’s overall expertise and productivity. Basic users can more easily become intermediate or advanced users, who work more effectively and efficiently. Accelerated training. WalkMe’s digital training approach shortens learning curves, which in turn decreases time-to-competency and time-to-productivity. Also, because WalkMe training is automated, it can also reduce the need for costly human-to-human training. Reduced support costs. Another benefit is the reduction in the need for technical support. With WalkMe’s on-demand information at their fingertips, people will make fewer support calls. This, as mentioned, contributes to a culture of self-reliance and learning. Full platform utilization. Oracle Cloud ERP is packed with features – but those features are only useful if employees know they exist. Trainers can promote and encourage the use of specific features or functions, helping the organization make the most of the platform’s capabilities. Software-use and error insights. Understanding user needs is key to delivering quality training. WalkMe’s analytics deliver insights into the state of employee learning. Trainers can understand what works, what needs fixing, and where to implement corrections. With the right digital adoption approach, using WalkMe for Oracle Cloud ERP training can dramatically enhance results across the board – and improve the bottom-line returns on software investments. To learn how WalkMe can improve your digital adoption results, schedule a demo today.
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.