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Webinar: The case for digital adoption as key to successful change management

Webinar: The case for digital adoption as key to successful change management

By Maya Rice-Boshi

A comprehensive strategy and the right tools are needed in order to achieve meaningful organizational change. As part of this interactive webinar, WalkMe’s Global Field CTO, KJ Kusch, explores how digital adoption can contribute to change management, highlighting relevant data and common employer challenges along the way.

What employers are up against

After defining the three types of organizational change – developmental, transitional, and transformational – Kusch presents an analysis of five levels of organizational change management:

Organizational Levels of OCM

How can understanding these help us to achieve change? 

The primary purpose is to provide us with a framework for consistent action, which we can use to inform a variety of activities within an organization. Having this in place can prevent ‘change fatigue’.

Obstacles to change

Limitations to Digital Transformation
Limitations to Digital Transformation

In addressing ROI, Kusch raises the issue of the Digital Adoption Gap and outlines how success is measured in tech adoption processes. Leading into strategy, the issue of tech stacks is raised – specifically, how they are used as a tool to boost organizational improvement. 

What are some potential roadblocks for change? 

38.5% of the audience agrees that change fatigue is a major impediment to successful transformations. Kusch responds by asking how fast their organizations commit to change. Is it in small bits or large chunks? In many cases, the difference between these two is the deciding factor for success.

Digital Adoption Journey and the Business Value Curve Graph

A promising approach

What is the best way to extract maximum value from digital transformation initiatives? 

The results of random and reactive approaches to digital adoption vary from those of proactive and virtuous approaches. 

Managing and tracking change management KPIs is a key component of digital transformation success. It is possible to optimize key processes affecting overall productivity by measuring the user journey, the primary idea being that technology can help you define your success.

Watch on-demand: The case for digital adoption as key to successful change management

Key takeaways

  • Have a flexible digital adoption strategy
  • Enable, build experiences and monitor the people side of change
  • Measure the ROI of change

To learn exactly what goes into forming a successful change management strategy, watch the webinar on-demand here


Maya Rice-Boshi
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