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How DAP Accelerated the Royal Bank of Canada’s Digital Transformation

How DAP Accelerated the Royal Bank of Canada’s Digital Transformation

By WalkMe Team

The Royal Bank of Canada was founded in 1869, and the long-trusted institution has a history of over 150 years.  Currently, the banking industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation.

To accommodate younger, more digitally-inclined employees and clients, RBC Wealth Management took a hard look at their current state and evaluated where strategic changes needed to occur.

The veteran bank came to the conclusion that they first needed to overhaul their existing software to create a more streamlined and up to date digital employee experience. For the past two years, RBC focused on updating its software applications. They reached out to WalkMe to implement a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to improve training, onboarding and organizational change management.

COVID-19 speeds up digital transformation

As RBC was adjusting to their new software and DAP, COVID-19 struck, accelerating their digital transformation efforts even more. Their U.S. wealth management unit consisted of over 2,100 financial advisors and traditionally interacted with customers face-to-face. In this new terrain, clients and employees were now working remotely and urgently required the right software to perform their jobs and continue their banking activities. 

Since RBC had already deployed DAP, they were more prepared to deal with unforeseen challenges ahead. Remote employees were supported when RBC rolled out a new digital onboarding application, and utilized DAP to ensure user adoption.

Employee and customer digital experiences

Employee experience impacts customer experience, and in the digital realm, both parties deserve quality digital interfaces with great UX. RBC launched a new application, Wealth Management Online, an app that clients can use to view their portfolio account holdings, activity, reporting and collaborate with clients and advisors. The new software would be used by over 450,000 clients. If clients weren’t satisfied or couldn’t successfully use the app, there was a good chance that they would leave the bank.

DAP was used to help customers with the new UI and also mitigate support requests through timely information supplied at the users’ time of need. Support calls were reduced and customers smoothly transitioned to the new platform.

Royal Bank of Canada took a holistic view on digital transformation. They knew that a successful employee experience is directly connected to a positive customer experience. When they decided to use WalkMe’s DAP, they received a comprehensive solution that eased training, adoption, onboarding for users while decreasing support issues thus increasing engagement.

As more banks undergo digital transformations, following Royal Bank of Canada’s lead will help them be better prepared for the future, no matter what that entails.


WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.