Onboard Employees Remotely: WalkMe’s Remote Onboarding Checklist

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 8, 2023

According to Gartner, at the end of March 2020, 88% of organizations had employees working remotely. Hiring, however, has not come to standstill, so onboarding must go on.

Work norms are still up in the air right now, but one thing is for sure: companies need to be able to efficiently and effectively onboard new employees, whether it’s in the office or not. We have written extensively about different best practices for hiring, training, and onboarding while working from home, but we thought we’d break it down for you into a practical checklist.

Our very own Head of Marketing Operations in Tel Aviv, Rocio Zapata Sasson was quick to adapt when our teams went remote. We had several new employees to onboard within the first few weeks of transitioning to a remote workforce. 

We have been focusing largely on how to make sure the employee experience when working remotely, is just as satisfying and positive as the in-office experience. Rocio wanted to make sure that our new team members were:

Here is WalkMe’s remote employee onboarding checklist for managers, and operations and HR professionals in the Next Normal.

Pre-Onboarding Checklist

  • Create the onboarding itinerary for the first few days, weeks, and months.
  • Prepare details of the employee’s manager, HR representative, and choose a company “buddy” in case of any questions or concerns.
  • Add the new employee to the relevant communication apps (like Slack or Whatsapp groups).
  • Make sure you have added the new employee to all the necessary accounts in their digital tools with usernames and passwords until they are personalized.
  • Prepare a welcome email to send to the whole team welcoming the new employee.
  • Create a project management board or document where the new employee will see all of their onboarding tasks.
  • Make sure the IT setup is ready and arrange for the new employee to receive their computer, headphones, and any other hardware or equipment needed.

Onboarding Day Checklist

  • Send a welcome email to your new employee including the onboarding board or document that you prepared prior to onboarding day.
  • Send the welcome email to your whole team that you prepared beforehand.
  • Welcome your new employee in a team video call so that everyone can say hi and get acquainted face to face.
  • Schedule a time to go over the onboarding board or document with your new employee and make sure it includes KPIs if applicable.
  • Go over the roles and responsibilities and clarify expectations with the new employee and schedule a follow-up meeting to check-in within the first two weeks.
Source: https://www.hrvsvirushackathon.org/virtualonboarding

Your new employee should be ready to go! With the right digital tools, good leadership, and a strong digital remote strategy, your new employee should be able to onboard, train, and become a productive and happy part of your team.

Good luck!

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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