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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023
This month we came across many interesting articles with topics ranging from innovative technology and software releases, to a questionable app and valuable content marketing advice. So once again, we at WalkMe assembled a list of articles we found particularly enjoyable to share with our readers. We hope you’ll enjoy our monthly roundup!

Zuckerberg May Debut ‘Jarvis’ AI Assistant Next Month

Just in! Mark Zuckerberg’s exciting release announcement of his latest technology, a face and voice recognition system. The artificial intelligence software is a by-product of Facebook’s goal to successfully identify faces in photos, and identify which videos are most relevant to users. In his fascinating article, Marco Della Cava discusses the development process of the new AI, and what a future with artificial intelligence looks like.

Google’s New App Crowdsource Asks Users to Help with Translation, Transcription & More

Google’s latest launch of the app “Crowdsource,” which requests the input of users in order to improve the quality of various other Google services, caused much debate as to the actual necessity of the app. Sarah Perez points out that users prefer not to have to do the work themselves in order to improve the quality of their apps. So, how relevant is this new app?

Before You Make a Tough Decision, Imagine How You’ll Have to Sell it

Ever second guess your decisions at the last moment? Do you change your mind after the fact? Joseph Badaracco offers some valuable insights into decision making which can be applied to any profession. He creates mock scenarios which include clear steps in order to demonstrate his points, and prove how applicable his advice is. Whether you’re struggling with decision making in your own career, or just curious about the practical application of this concept, this article is truly worth the read.

5 Type of Content You Shouldn’t be Publishing Anymore

This article is as enlightening as it is helpful when looking to improve your content marketing skills, get new ideas, or just learn what other professionals have to say about content marketing. Jayson DeMers discusses which type of content you should avoid, along with which strategies you should continue to pursue. In content marketing it’s important that your content remain fresh and original, and these tips allow for just that.

Meet Octobot: Squishy, Adorable, and Revolutionary

Nicholas Fleur introduces an adorable new piece of technology, an eight armed soft-bodied machine. Inspired by animals such as starfish, squids and octopuses, this innovative new robot can move freely, and has the shape and form of an octopus. Read about what scientists predict for this little guy’s future, and learn about some of its cool features. walkme news

Leadership May Not Be the Problem with Your Innovation Team

Daniel Dworkin and Markus Spiegel share their findings of some of leading causes of innovation challenges and how to solve them. Based on a survey released last month, which requested that individuals identify the main departments within their company where they thought there was a lack of effectiveness, the results point away from the original factors assumed to lead to inefficiency. Dworkin and Spiegel provide useful insight as to how to increase innovation and productivity within your organization. Knowing where to look for the source of the problem, and how to approach it is challenging, but it’s articles like these that help kick-start a more innovative team.

The 18 Best Cloud Computing Companies to Work for

Creating and maintaining a comfortable yet professional atmosphere is rare, however when perfected it is known that employees will work more efficiently, and the company will see overall more productivity. Take a look at this list of the 18 best cloud computing companies to work for, WalkMe ranking third on the list. These companies not only produce a great product, but also maintain a productive and accommodating atmosphere for their employees.

12 Elements of a Winning Employee Training Manual Template

An informative piece focused on going back to the basics of employee training in order to obtain the best results. A good training manual template is the backbone of your employee training process. Successfully designing your template takes skill and vast knowledge of the key components and intricate details of employee training. This article lists 12 elements that go into creating a great employee training manual, including new techniques and suggestions that evolve along with the technological world.

9 Pre and Post Launch Tips for Successfully Launching Your Mobile App

Tracking customer milestones, knowing the rules and protocols of your launch platform, and shooting a demo video are just a few steps that lead to a successful mobile app launch. Putting the time and effort into a launch is what ensures its’ success.  It’s important to follow through with the required steps before the launch, along with following up after the fact in order to see maximum success from start to finish.
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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