Everest Group names WalkMe the leading DAP vendor for the third year in a row

Ofir Bloch
By Ofir Bloch
Updated February 14, 2023

In a major achievement for WalkMe, this year’s Everest Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment named us as the leading Digital Adoption Platform vendor for the third year in a row! The Everest PEAK Matrix® Assessment is one of the leading global publications for analyzing global service providers, giving business leaders the insights they need to make critical decisions about vendors, products, and solutions. 

Everest Group’s research team consists of more than 100 people and their coverage comprises over 20 technology sectors, including: cloud computing, digital transformation, data analytics, collaboration and communications, security, digital marketing, and procurement. They are widely recognized as experts in providing actionable, independent research, and advice to help their clients capture more value from IT services. The organization specializes in coverage of new and emerging technology markets.

With the DAP industry now at a tipping point, publications like the Everest PEAK Matrix® Assessment have become critical in helping enterprises determine how to maximize digital adoption to achieve improved business outcomes and accelerate transformation efforts.    

What is the Everest PEAK Matrix® Assessment?

As enterprises continue to expand their digital presence and capabilities, they must evaluate where to best position their resources and what capabilities they need to be successful. The PEAK Matrix® assessment provides the analysis and insights enterprises need to make critical selection decisions about global top services providers, as well as best-in-class products and solutions. 

Leading enterprises around the globe trust these comparative assessments because of their unbiased evaluation of factors such as vision, capabilities, talent availability, market impact, and cost.  Furthermore, providers of these services, products, and solutions, look to the PEAK Matrix® to gauge and calibrate their offerings against their peers.

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 analyzes the competitive DAP landscape, looking at 20 DAP vendors in terms of their products, vision and capability, and market impact to place them as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants.    

WalkMe is a Leader in Everest Group’s Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment  

In this year’s report, Everest analysts concluded that among DAP vendors, WalkMe has the highest market impact, the clearest vision, and the most robust suite of capabilities.

More importantly, the report gives WalkMe a nod for more than just product capabilities. Special mention was made of our role in spreading awareness about the DAP market through our extensive partner ecosystem, community, training, and certifications, as well as how we help clients establish DAP Centers of Excellence (CoE).

Everest Group Research’s recognition of WalkMe reinforces our position as the only scalable enterprise-ready DAP solution. Using a data-first approach, we provide for effective software ROI measurement, ensuring you get the most out of your digital investment. Additionally, WalkMe is able to identify underlying software changes and offer a bulk replacement mechanism for existing solutions to address any issues. This is critical for addressing frequent updates to software interfaces. Finally, our pre-built solutions allow you to quickly get started on your DAP journey. 

To learn more about the power of DAP and how WalkMe can help you meet your digital KPIs, tune in on November 16th to our webinar, “Digital adoption: The new imperative for software ROI”.

Ofir Bloch
By Ofir Bloch
Ofir Bloch leads WalkMe's Strategic Positioning team, focused on enhancing the awareness, image, and position of WalkMe as the key player in the Digital Adoption space. Ofir has a strong background in market research, working with industry analysts and conducting competitive intelligence. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as a Disruptive Innovation Strategy certificate from Harvard Business School.