5 reasons not to miss Realize 2023

Ori Herrmann
By Ori Herrmann
Updated December 4, 2023

“Oh Magic 8 Ball, can you show me what the future holds for the digital adoption industry?” 

“Yes definitely. You just need to attend WalkMe’s Realize 2023.” 

Setting the whimsy of the Magic 8 Ball aside, if you’re seeking insights into the future of the workplace and the role of digital adoption in business, look no further than Realize. A showcase of professionals who are at the top of their fields, captivating audiences worldwide in the realm of digital adoption. Welcome to Realize 2023.

Realize 2023 will present the most recent advancements and cutting-edge features in Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP). We guarantee insightful talks from enterprise leaders like Cisco and GAP, who’ve integrated DAP into their operations to enhance their adoption journey. At Realize 2023, you’ll be moved by real-life success stories from DAP champions who’ve made significant strides in digital adoption.

If you’re interested in digital adoption and wish to progress in your adoption journey while staying abreast of future trends, Realize 2023 is the event to attend. Join us to witness the best-in-class digital adoption experience and learn from the top players in the game. Are you not convinced yet? Well here are the 5 reasons why you can’t miss Realize 2023. 

  1. Be the first to hear about future innovations and AI for DAP
    Realize will showcase WalkMe’s groundbreaking solutions, while also unveiling an exciting array of new products and features. This event is an opportunity to delve into the future of DAP  and how our future products, latest features and AI innovations can seamlessly blend into your organization, accelerating growth and productivity. We’ve designed our advancements with a focus on human experiences – expect to hear how you can  use AI-generated interactions, insightful recommendations, and conversational automation that streamline processes and eliminate operational friction. The time to future-proof your tech stack is now. Realize will ensure you’re prepared for whatever changes the future may bring.
  2. An exclusive lineup of DAP rock stars and legends
    We hate to name drop, but Realize 2023 is hosting the best of the best in digital adoption. Hear from industry giants like Cisco, Gap, ServiceNow, Veolia, among others, sharing their successful DAP value stories and growth strategies. They’ll delve into how they maximize their digital adoption efforts and provide insights on how you can do the same. That’s not a name drop, it’s a mic drop! 🎤

    Check out our exciting lineup and add the event to your calendar today!
  3. Sessions delivering real value now and into the future
    You won’t find more value-packed sessions than those at Realize. The breadth and depth of our offerings are truly incredible. We aim to provide a comprehensive guide to your adoption journey, ensuring you receive a blueprint for value. Our sessions stimulate innovative approaches, bridging the gap between your people and software, optimizing your business processes, and boosting your tech stack.

    Experience sessions packed with real-life use cases, tips, and insights from leading enterprises. Curated to equip you with fresh ideas and resources that will turbocharge your DAP content, resulting in a more significant impact. We will delve into how enterprises implement real-time feedback and guide users through vital processes within their workflow.

    Learn how to build upon your successes and scale an even more impactful and extensive digital adoption program. By attending, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the digital adoption landscape effectively.
  4. Witness and learn how DAP supports the future of work
    Experience the benefits and impact of embracing digital tools and strategies that guide your organization on its digital journey. This event will shine a spotlight on the significant role of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs), featuring insightful sessions from industry veterans who have successfully implemented digital strategies yielding substantial rewards. By participating, you will gain a profound understanding of the real value of DAPs, setting your team on the path to future success.

    Discover why a DAP isn’t just a nice-to-have, but a necessity, and how it serves as more than just a productivity booster—it’s a game-changer. This event will illustrate how WalkMe delivers substantial cost savings and revenue growth, with clients witnessing up to $41.1 million in new revenue per year and a staggering 494% return on investment over three years. At this event, WalkMe and our guest speakers will demonstrate how a DAP accelerates application utilization, enhances productivity, minimizes errors, and expedites all processes—from infrequent tasks to daily operations.

    ‘Realize’ will showcase how WalkMe unifies workflows across multiple platforms, significantly reducing time wasted on data searches and context switching, and boosting efficiency. The event will also highlight how DAPs offer deeper insights into employee and customer behavior than traditional survey tools. Attend ‘Realize’ to understand why investing in WalkMe isn’t just about adopting a platform—it’s about securing a successful future.
  5. Celebrate digital adoption achievements with the “Realizer” 🏆 awards
    Realize is not about WalkMe; it’s an exploration and celebration of the entire digital adoption community. This is where the “Realizer” awards come into play, highlighting companies and individuals spearheading the digital adoption movement, solving complex issues, and achieving remarkable results for both their organizations and the industry as a whole.

    The finalists for the Realizer awards will be announced during the keynote address at Realize  on October 25th.

    Don’t miss this chance to acknowledge and celebrate the best among us in digital adoption!

    Realize is more than just an event – it’s about transformative knowledge and growth . The insights you’ll acquire will empower you to enhance your digital strategy and adoption, thereby positively impacting your organization’s ROI.

    Join us virtually from the comfort of your own space on October 25th at 8:00 am PT | 11: 00 ET! Can’t join us live? Don’t worry! All Realize sessions will be available for on-demand streaming following the live event. 
Hope to see you there!
Ori Herrmann
By Ori Herrmann
Ori is a Content & Creative Manager at WalkMe, where he excels in brand messaging and implementing effective content strategies. With a degree in Graphic Communication Management and experience in B2C content marketing & creative management, he helps WalkMe connect with its audience, fostering meaningful engagement.