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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated December 6, 2023

WalkMe is not only a company but a world unto itself. As the Senior Community Engagement Manager at WalkMe, I manage WalkMe World, our growing customer community. Launched in July 2019, WalkMe World has almost 4,000 customers from 1,500 companies!

Come with me for a glimpse into this glorious ecosystem of digital adoption enthusiasts, and learn how our amazing community is changing the face of digital adoption. 

What is WalkMe World?

WalkMe World is the heart and soul of digital adoption. It’s our community where customers, partners, and WalkMe employees come together to learn, share, get inspired, solve challenges, celebrate wins, and have fun! 

Members learn about different aspects of WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), interact with engaging curated content, ask questions about the product and industry, and share best practices with one another.

Why was WalkMe World created?

WalkMe World was launched in July 2019 as the newest iteration of our customer community. Before that, WalkMe had discussion boards for our customers to connect, but we soon realized that this simply wasn’t enough. We needed to create a dynamic community where people felt seen and heard. WalkMe World is a place where customers, partners and WalkMe professionals can instantly communicate, connect and enhance one another’s DAP experience.

Who is a part of WalkMe World? 

Customers & Partners: WalkMe’s customers and partners are the essence of WalkMe World. The best thing about them is their innovation, creative problem solving, and most importantly, willingness to share!

WalkMe World is all about good vibes and our members display this constantly through support, encouragement, shared victories and genuine feedback.

Take Kurt Giles from EDF Luminus, one of our WalkMe World champs, who says:

“ We receive a lot of positive feedback from our users so that’s always nice to hear because it’s for them that we do this. But a compliment from people who also build WalkMe solutions is for me the greatest one. Like the compliments we get for our ActionBot Sam or from people of WalkMe Support.”

Employees: Many folks from our services team are active participants, often responding to technical questions. They are the driving force behind our popular Tip Tuesday Series (a weekly 5-minute video delving into beyond-the-basics building tips). You’ll run into ActionBot experts like Evan Ortiz chiming in regularly to WalkMe World conversations! Our product team is present, often soliciting and responding to feedback in our Product Ideas board. And you can see WalkMe’s CEO and co-founder Dan Adika directly responding to users’ posts! 

What does community mean for companies in general and why is WalkMe World so unique?

For some companies, a community is a place to handle support requests, and for others, it’s a destination to look for answers they simply can’t find through documentation or other resources.

WalkMe has the most active and engaged community around digital adoption – hands down.

Our community is at the forefront of this new category and our members are charging ahead as thought leaders and innovators within the field.

If you were to take a visit and land in our delightful world, you’d see conversations ranging from technical questions and product feedback to insightful engagement with cutting-edge thought leadership resources around digital transformation and digital adoption.

DAP professionals are there sharing their solutions and inspiring others for more creative ways to solve business problems. Whether it’s a complicated solution or the growth of their digital adoption team – nothing is too big or too small at WalkMe World. 

Access to WalkMe World is one of the biggest advantages to becoming a WalkMe customer. Not only do you have the insights and best practices from the WalkMe team, but you can instantly tap into the knowledge and experiences of our global network of customers and partners who are using WalkMe in every way, shape or form!

What does WalkMe World look like a year from now?

The future is definitely bright for WalkMe World and I see our community continuing to grow as it has in the past 18 months.

It’s already becoming a central hub for all-things WalkMe, and I hope that our customers gravitate to WalkMe World as a starting point for their projects. My dream is for our community members to have that WalkMe World tab ALWAYS OPEN. I want project managers, builders, and DAP professionals to check in constantly with one another to brainstorm, learn and get inspiration from other community members.

What we are doing here is ultimately creating a growing network of global digital adoption champions who are paving the way for this category and industry to not only flourish, but to shine.

If you are a WalkMe customer or partner, visit to see the action yourself!

For more information about WalkMe World, please go here

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.