Introducing the WalkMe Integration Center

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023
WalkMe is proud to announce the Integration Center, a new way to leverage user data to empower your sales funnel and customer lifecycle.   Too often the value of advanced analytics is buried in systems that are not fully leveraged by the relevant teams. The Integration Center uses WalkMe Insights and AI to put the power in the hands of customer-facing teams by providing actionable reports directly on the CSM and CRM platforms that they use daily. As part of WalkMe’s core Digital Adoption Platform, the Integration Center will boost user adoption and drive better business outcomes for SaaS companies. WalkMe Integration Center will initially support Salesforce and Gainsight, with other platforms following soon.

Unleash the Power of Product Analytics

Customers and prospects have numerous touchpoints with your software. Companies realize the importance of analyzing this data. However, it is rarely accessible to the teams that can proactively take action. Imagine if every team in your company could understand how customers were interacting with your platform. It would transform the way Sales, Success, Support, and Training teams optimize the digital experience and drive business outcomes. Let’s take a closer look at how these teams can take advantage of this information to boost the digital adoption of their platform.

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Use cases for Customer Success Teams: Reduce Churn and Increase ROI

At SaaS companies, Customer Success is challenged to help customers get maximum value or return on investment (ROI) from your software, in order to retain your customers and ensure a growing lifetime value (LTV).

How far is my customer in the onboarding or training process?

Customers that fail to complete their onboarding are slower to adopt the software and less likely to see positive ROI. The Integration Center tracks customer onboarding and course completions in order to identify struggling customers. CSMs can then reach out at the right moment to discuss topics their customers have just covered and make sure they understand the relevant best practices.

When is my customer starting to get value?

There is a critical turning point that marks software adoption. WalkMe’s Integration Center lets you monitor progress so you can determine when the customer starts actively experiencing value and track the time-to-value metrics (TtV) to assess CS effectiveness. When a user is highly engaged, WalkMe will notify the CS team that there is an opportunity to upsell. For example, customers that frequently use features with usage caps or have upgrades available — or even customers that have been reading about your upgrade plans on your website — can easily be highlighted in Salesforce or Gainsight.

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Who is at risk of churning?

Before customers churn, there are certain indicators. WalkMe Insights powered by AI uses hundred of data points such as abnormally long time-to-value, and uncompleted onboarding and infrequent logins to predict which users will churn. CSMs are then alerted to potential at-risk customers directly within customer management tools such as Gainsight. WalkMe AI uses hundred of data points to help CSMs address adoption issues in a timely and effective manner. CS teams can then use this to create a health score in their software that can alert all necessary teams when a customer’s score is abnormally low.

What do my customers think of our software and services?

User interaction data is helpful, but getting feedback directly from customers allows you to respond to their experience. WalkMe provides in-product NPS surveys to help you understand customer loyalty and satisfaction. Survey results can be added to Salesforce and Gainsight so reps can get a general understanding of what your customers think about your software and services and quickly respond to unsatisfied customers. Want to get other teams involved? Add survey questions relevant to specific teams so that if a certain area of service gets a low score that team will be notified.

Use Cases for Sales Teams: Increasing Revenue

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Which of my users is likely to convert?

Identifying hot leads can be a time consuming process. By using data on how prospects are interacting with your free trial, Sales teams can more accurately determine which users are “most likely to convert.” Engagement data, such as how often a freemium user logs into your software, is an indicator of the value received from the software. WalkMe AI calculates this and hundreds of other touchpoints to predict whether a free user is likely to convert to paid. With the Integration Center, companies can program Salesforce to create a report of highly engaged trial users, or have Gainsight automatically send them an email invite to a webinar or to schedule a demo.

Is my deal going off track?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Integration Center also notes a drop in engagement during the sales process, a warning sign for the Sales teams. A sudden drop in usage  could indicate that your prospect has gotten side tracked or lost interest. The Integration Center will prompt reps at the ideal time to reach out and get them back on course.

Turning Data into Decision Making

From helping you increase conversions to driving customer ROI, we are extremely excited about the value that WalkMe’s new Integration Center will bring to your company. Understanding your users’ digital experiences and their journey with your software is incredibly useful, and can help every team make data-driven decisions that drive results. We plan to continue building future integrations to ensure the data that WalkMe provides your company can drive transformative change.
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.