How would you use WalkMe in real life?

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated December 6, 2023

We have the power to provide in-app guidance but how great would it be if we could have in-life guidance?


  • A SWT for a first time parent for how to diaper your baby
  • In-cooking guidance on how long to sear that steak to get a perfect medium rare
  • Smart tips for all your laundry labels. Is this wash cold or hang dry
  • A guide to make the perfect coffee

Mmm, it all sounds incredible, to be honest.

So we decided to ask our incredibly creative WalkMe World community what real life scenarios would they wish to layer WalkMe on top of. Here’s what they had to say!

Krishna Khanna

Global Learning Experience Design Manager at BCG

A person can dream so here we go . . . guidance and contextual tips on how to be an “Ally” everyday and keep advancing the DEI&B agenda–what to do or say in different situations.

Suzanne Ritchie

Training & Development Manager at Lozier Corporation

A SWT to help teens learn how to drive, though I think there are lots of people who could use Shout Outs or pop-ups to remind them how to drive responsibly (use turn signals, not cut people off, etc.)

Kurt Gilis

Digital Adoption Consultant at DACS Consulting

Really happened: I bring my son to school and normally we only have to bring his school bag. But on a certain day he was going swimming with his school so next to his school bag, I had also to take his swimming bag. My wife told me 100 times but when we arrived at school of course I forgot the swimming bag. At that moment i really thought if there was a real shoutout the moment i left my house, i wouldn’t have forgotten the swimming bag.

Kristy Ruzesky

Retail Solutions Adoption Manager at Federated Co-operatives Limited

How great it would be to have automated meals placed at the table for breakfast, lunch and supper!

Ori Sagi

Customer Engagement Manager at PECAN AI LTD

Automated SWT for the dishes

Heather Wurtz

Sr. Director – Digital Solutions at LeaseAccelerator

SWT indicating WHERE everything goes so that you kid doesn’t have an excuse NOT to do them!

Brad Harmon

Sr. Instructional Designer at LeaseAccelerator, Inc.

Hmmm, maybe a SWT for playing piano or guitar! Maybe this could be achieved with some technology like Google Glass?

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WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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