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Raise Employee Productivity with WalkMe for SuccessFactors

Raise Employee Productivity with WalkMe for SuccessFactors

By WalkMe Team
WalkMe for SuccessFactors is an ideal solution if your business wants to maximize its returns from your software investment. The SuccessFactors HCM platform, like all HCM platforms, can deliver significant results for HR departments and the organization as a whole. However, many organizations struggle with effective digital adoption, onboarding, and training.  Without an effective digital adoption strategy, productivity and software returns will hit much lower than expected.

How to successfully integrate the SuccessFactors HCM platform

user onboarding To get the most possible value out of HCM platforms such as SuccessFactors, your organizations need:
  • Comprehensive onboarding and training – SuccessFactors is a digital platform that offers a wide range of capabilities and functions. On the one hand, such capabilities enable significant productivity gains for HR departments. On the other, it means that these same tools are complex and carry learning curves.
  • Continuous learning – Digital tools are constantly updated and organizations are undergoing continual organizational change. In a constantly evolving business environment, your organization needs tools and tactics that deliver continuous employee learning.
  • Employee productivity – A tool will only deliver returns to the extent that employees are productive. Increasing productivity requires a digital adoption solution focused on employee learning, engagement, and usability.
  • Full use of SuccessFactors’ capabilities – If employees only use half of SuccessFactors’ features, then your organization will only realize the tool’s partial potential value and see a portion of the return on its software investment. Using SuccessFactors to its fullest extent is essential for seeing full returns.
Achieving these aims, for most organizations, requires a new approach to training and engagement. In short, most organizations must develop a new digital adoption strategy.

Designing a modern digital adoption strategy

Many organizations are struggling to achieve the expected gains from their software investments. The problem usually does not lie with the users or the software solution – lower-than-desired ROI is a reality for many organizations undergoing digital transformation. We live in a time where digital evolution is continuous and ongoing learning a must. To keep up, businesses need to rethink their approach to digital adoption. That is, businesses need a digital adoption strategy that: Trains efficiently and effectively. Effective employee training directly impacts user productivity and proficiency.  Simplifies the user experience. Information overload can paralyze learning and delay proficiency. A better user experience, in other words, has a positive effect on employee learning and output. Decreases learning costs. If training costs rise too high, then those losses can eat into the potential returns from the software platform. Traditional training tactics, such as classroom training or even video courses, are too costly. Digital Adoption Platforms, such as WalkMe, slash learning costs by automating software onboarding and training. Reinvents how employees engage with their tools. Ultimately, being successful with SuccessFactors requires a new approach to employee engagement. Rethinking and reinventing employee engagement will transform the way employees operate in the digital workplace. The question for many organizations is how to reinvent their employee engagement approach.

Reinventing employee engagement with Digital Adoption Platforms

methods of training and developmentDigital Adoption Platforms (DAP) are innovative training tools that redefine the way employees learn. The WalkMe platform, for instance: Offers in-app guidance and instructions. WalkMe layers itself on top of the target platform, providing contextual training as needed. These can take the form of step-by-step instructions, or users can interact with the WalkMe platform to discover relevant content, guides, tutorials, and more. Operates independently of its target platforms. Today’s digital worker uses a wide range of tools in their daily activities. The typical worker will use multiple platforms and tools, even for a single task or workflow. Fortunately, WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform operates independently – this means it can train users on workflows that span separate software tools.  Provides insights into software usage. User analytics help employers understand learning blocks and identify learning needs. These insights are actionable and can be used to further enhance employee training. The WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform can transform the way your organization trains and develops employees. As a result, organizations can see substantial improvements in their employee training results, user productivity, and software platform usage.

WalkMe for SuccessFactors: 5 major benefits

Today, many organizations are using WalkMe for SuccessFactors to boost productivity, enhance training, and increase the returns on their software investment. The WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform helps organizations overcome the challenges mentioned above. Namely, WalkMe:
  1. Encourages self-service issue resolution. Instead of turning to technical support, employees have WalkMe to guide them. With interactive, on-demand information at their fingertips, employees will become more independent and less reliant on outside support. The result: lower technical support costs and employees who are more self-sufficient.
  2. Simplifies the user experience and engage employees. WalkMe’s step-by-step guidance helps users stay focused on their task. By streamlining their workflows – even across multiple platforms – WalkMe cuts through the complexity and keeps users engaged.
  3. Makes full use of SuccessFactors capabilities. Encourage the full use of the SuccessFactors platform by suggesting features automatically. WalkMe’s in-app training can help users learn the platform’s features in-depth, transforming novices into experts.
  4. Accelerates onboarding and training. WalkMe’s innovative digital training technology makes employees more productive in less time. With WalkMe’s automated guidance, they can execute even complex workflows with zero human intervention.
  5. Boosts adoption results and software ROI. The bottom line: WalkMe helps businesses make the most of SuccessFactors. Through WalkMe’s digital training and adoption platform, organizations can see substantial gains in their software ROI, from employee productivity improvements to slashed training costs. 
In short, WalkMe is a go-to solution that can revolutionize employee onboarding and training – and help businesses see big gains from their SuccessFactors HCM platform. To improve user adoption for your SuccessFactors implementation, schedule a demo today.


WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.