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How WalkMe for SharePoint Boosts Platform Efficiency

How WalkMe for SharePoint Boosts Platform Efficiency

By Lia Ciner
Using WalkMe for SharePoint training is an ideal way to boost employee productivity, proficiency, and efficiency. For many businesses, SharePoint can transform the way employees collaborate digitally. However, for many employees, just using this collaboration suite can be a challenge. Employees require training in order to be productive, and learning the ropes is not always easy. Below, we will look at how an effective digital adoption strategy – combined with WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform – can help organizations overcome adoption challenges and earn more from their SharePoint investment.

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SharePoint Adoption: costs vs. benefits

Adopting SharePoint into an organization offers a range of benefits, such as:
  • Mobile intranet
  • Content management
  • Business process transformation
  • Easy integration with other Microsoft products
However, there are a few things that organizations should consider when investing in such complex platforms. For instance: In many cases, employees must transform the way they work. Employees and organizations that are not used to using digital tools must adjust their workflows. In some cases, they must even adjust their mindsets. Innovative platforms such as SharePoint, for example, can introduce entirely new methods of collaboration and communication. Workers with little experience using such a platform may have difficulty adjusting. Sophisticated digital platforms such as SharePoint require training. Regardless of an individual’s aptitude for technology, most enterprise-grade tools come with a learning curve. To use SharePoint productively, employees must undergo onboarding and training.  Employees’ proficiency with their digital tools directly affects productivity and software ROI. At the end of the day, workers need to become skilled with a tool in order to work with it productively. When workforce skills plateau or stagnate, so does the overall value of that tool. It is critical to address these issues head-on in order to make the most of SharePoint and similar platforms.

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Ingredients for a successful digital adoption approach

Effective digital adoption hinges upon how seamlessly digital tools are integrated into the workplace. A workforce that is digitally skilled, well-trained, and adaptable will fare better than a workforce that is not. Addressing software adoption strategically and intentionally is a key to success – that is, setting goals, identifying roadblocks, and creating action plans. Below are a few core elements that should be considered when designing any digital adoption strategy:
  • Employee Training – Employee training should become a central focus of digital adoption efforts. Employers must learn how to train efficiently and cost-effectively, without overwhelming employees.
  • The User Experience – The user experience, or in this case the employee experience, impacts how people learn. User experiences that are simple and straightforward help prevent information overload, frustration, and burnout. 
  • Change Management – Today, digital disruption is driving continual organizational change. Digital transformation and adoption, for instance, are fueling many change efforts. To keep up and stay ahead, businesses must stay adaptable and agile.
  • Software Utilization – An organization that uses only half of a platform’s functionality will only be seeing a portion of the potential return. For this reason, it is important to focus on using software to its fullest extent … otherwise, a platform’s value will plateau alongside employee skill levels.
When it comes to digital adoption, there are no tools better than Digital Adoption Platforms – these platforms are specifically designed to streamline adoption, improve user productivity, and maximize the returns on software investment.

Digital Adoption Platforms reinvent employee engagement

Digital Adoption Platforms are digital training applications that change the way employees engage with their tools. These platforms are designed specifically to shrink the digital gap between workers and their software by streamlining onboarding, training, and adoption. WalkMe’s platform, for example, offers a few core features that prove invaluable to digital adoption efforts: Contextualized guidance. In-app guidance offers information at the moment of need. And because users can immediately apply what they have learned, productivity and knowledge retention are both improved. Step-by-step walkthroughs. Tutorials and customizable walkthroughs help users of any skill level learn how to perform tasks without human intervention or assistance. Analytics. Software analytics offer insight into employee training: what works, what doesn’t, and what areas need improvement. Automation. Tasks that are mundane, tedious, and repetitive can easily be automated, freeing up user time for more interesting and important work. With all of these features under a single umbrella, digital adoption becomes easier, more efficient, and more effective.

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How WalkMe for SharePoint can boost efficiency, productivity, and software value

A platform’s value, as we have seen, depends a great deal on how deeply that tool is integrated into the workplace – and SharePoint is no exception. Closing the digital gap between employees and SharePoint will improve workforce proficiency, productivity, and profitability. Here are a few benefits to using WalkMe for SharePoint training. A streamlined digital workplace: Seamless interaction between employees and their digital tools fosters a digital work environment that is more streamlined, productive, and efficient.  Enhanced employee productivity: WalkMe’s in-software guidance helps advance employee expertise, whether they are beginners or advanced users. Insights into software usage and errors: Managers can use software analytics to understand user behavior – which can then be used to optimize and improve training efforts even further. Accelerated training and reduces support costs: Automated training helps cut technical support costs and while boosting time-to-competency. Full software utilization: Trainers can choose to promote specific features or functionality, helping the workforce make the most of the SharePoint platform. The end result of using WalkMe for SharePoint is a greater return on software investment. To learn more about how a Digital Adoption Platform can benefit your organization, schedule a demo today.


Lia Ciner
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