How to Accelerate User Training with WalkMe for SAP Ariba

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 2, 2023
Using WalkMe for SAP Ariba training helps to quickly advance employee competency, proficiency, and productivity. WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform is an innovative, advanced training solution that:
  • Automates and personalizes key portions of employee training
  • Uses context-driven assistance to deliver the right information at the right time
  • Helps organizations realize greater value from their software investments
To take advantage of the WalkMe platform, though, it is a good idea to understand how employee training affects software ROI.

Barriers to effective adoption with SAP Ariba can arise

Sophisticated digital platforms such as SAP Ariba come with learning curves.  In some cases, those learning curves can be quite steep, depending on the individual employee’s background, their tech-savvy, and the platform in question. These variables can make it difficult to implement traditional training techniques, such as classroom training, one-on-one guidance, or even online versions of these approaches. To earn the most from SAP Ariba, organizations should develop training strategies that account for common adoption challenges. For instance, such challenges include: Platform complexity. Some tools are more complicated than others. In many cases, this complexity is in direct proportion to the software’s potential business value. At the same time, though, this complexity also affects productivity, proficiency, and training metrics. The workplace culture. The company culture also plays a role in how employees learn and adopt new tools. Cultures that are digital, pro-learning, and open to change will adopt new software and workplace changes more readily.  Productivity lags. Employees’ work stalls when they reach a task that they cannot complete. These minor roadblocks can add up, especially for users who are less proficient. Over time, productivity lags can build up into frustration or even burnout. Training tools, tactics, and strategies. Different training approaches deliver vastly different results. This is especially true when it comes to software training. Traditional training approaches, such as classroom training, underperform when compared to more modern techniques, such as contextualized learning. Training time. The longer the time-to-competency, the longer an employee remains unproductive. This increases the overall cost of training – not to mention the cognitive burden on an individual employee.


Training costs versus software ROI. The costs of training can be derived from the other concepts mentioned above. Productivity lags, time-to-competency, technical support costs, and related costs should all be balanced against the overall returns of a software investment. When developing an adoption plan for platforms such as SAP Ariba, it is important to consider these ideas. After all, the right employee training approach can make a substantial impact on the net returns of a software platform.

WalkMe for SAP Ariba

Prepare the ingredients for a successful digital adoption strategy 

Digital adoption doesn’t need to be overly sophisticated in order to be successful. However, it should be designed to meet the needs of today’s digital workplace. An effective digital adoption strategy should be built around:
  • Training that is agile, effective, and relevant. Software changes quickly, and training must keep up. Not only should the information be relevant and up-to-date, training tactics should be responsive to the needs of employees and the organization.
  • Simplified user experiences. The simpler the user experience, the less likely they are to suffer from frustration and burnout. 
  • Greater levels of competency and productivity. Competence and proficiency levels contribute a great deal to employee productivity and the value of the software platform. 
  • The right training tools and techniques. Training methods deliver different results depending on the circumstances. For instance, one method may be well-suited to software training, while another may not be.
  • Setting goals such as these can help an organization extract the greatest value from its software implementation.

How Digital Adoption Platforms fuel training

Digital Adoption Platforms are ideally suited for employee training and digital adoption. WalkMe’s UX and training layer, for example, is powered by key features such as: Contextualized guidance. In-app guidance delivers information in the moment of need. Immediate, on-demand information allows users to immediately apply what they have learned, improving knowledge retention.  Customizable walkthroughs. Step-by-step tutorials teach users how to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. These can then be edited as needed, to fit the specific needs of the business and its users. Analytics. Insight into user behavior can help training managers understand users’ needs, pinpoint errors, and make improvements as needed. Automation. Business process automation can free up employees for more valuable activities, while simultaneously improving productivity across the organization. When it comes to modern software training, WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform is an ideal choice.

WalkMe for SAP Ariba

How WalkMe for SAP Ariba improves user productivity

WalkMe offers a number of benefits to organizations implementing SAP Ariba, including: Accelerated training and time-to-competency. WalkMe’s contextualized guidance improves user proficiency levels quickly, easily, and efficiently. Full platform utilization. Training managers can promote specific features and functions, helping organizations make the most of the software’s capabilities. Greater overall software proficiency. With minimal oversight, novice users can become intermediate users and intermediate users can become advanced users. Simplified user experiences and personalized training. WalkMe helps streamline onboarding, training, and day-to-day software use, increasing confidence and decreasing frustration. Reduced support costs. On-demand guidance reduces the need for technical support calls, which, in turn, decreases support costs. A streamlined digital workplace. WalkMe facilitates and fosters effective, seamless interaction between users and their platforms, improving employees’ day-to-day workflows. Ultimately, using WalkMe for SAP Ariba training helps organizations earn more from their software investment. From improvements in user productivity to decreased support costs, WalkMe helps companies realize the full value of this sophisticated commerce solution. To learn how WalkMe can improve employee productivity in your organization, schedule a demo today.
WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organizations to utilize the full potential of their digital assets. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual guidance, WalkMe adds a dynamic user interface layer to raise the digital literacy of all users.