Demo Competition Showcases WalkMe for Salesforce Best Practices

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
Updated May 8, 2023

In honor of Dreamforce, we created a DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) demo contest for our Salesforce customers: the Salesforce Demo Jam Competition. The challenge was to create a two-minute video demo of how to utilize WalkMe for Salesforce

The innovative ideas and well-executed presentations made selecting the winners a difficult task. We (painstakingly) selected one winner for each of our three categories, as well as an honorable mention submission. 

Congratulations to Schneider Electric, Robert Half International, AMN Healthcare, and Nationwide Financial on your fantastic demos. You truly realized the digital adoption vision through your submissions.

See their demos and answers to the submission questions below:

Winner for Productivity: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, submitted by Timothy Spink

What was the challenge you or your users were facing?

At Schneider Electric North America, our Quotation Specialists receive hundreds of Quote Requests via our Community Portal each day. Unfortunately, when corresponding via Chatter with our Community users, there was no way of identifying which Job we were discussing. Our Salesforce APEX developers could not auto-populate Chatter with this information, so our Quote Specialists were forced to manually copy and paste the Job Name into Chatter. This process took over 22 seconds…every…single…time.

What solution did you create using WalkMe?

On the WalkMe team, we knew we could do better than this manual method by using a Smart WalkThru that would auto-populate the text in the Job Name field into the Chatter post each time the Quote Request object was opened.

We defined some auto-play rules to ensure the Quote Request was only from External users asking for assistance, and as quickly as WalkMe loaded onto the Salesforce Lightning page, the Job Name label and text auto-populated immediately into Chatter. On our network, it was about 7 seconds from the time the page began to load.

How did this accomplish your goal?

I know that a productivity savings of 15 seconds over the manual method may not sound like much, but viewing Insights, you can see this feature has been used 57,329 times in the last 30 days.

This means that our Quote Specialists saved over 244 hours of productivity in the last month alone.

By shaving off 244 hours, we were able to get our Quotes out faster to our customers, increasing their hit rate, and winning more jobs – all thanks to WalkMe automation enhancing productivity and our Salesforce experience.

Winner for Scalability: Robert Half International

Robert Half International, submitted by Steffaney Zohrabyan

What was the challenge you or your users were facing?

Our users weren’t utilizing one of our databases due to the extensive and forgettable information needed to search and generate the results to improve their chances of placing candidates in job orders.

What solution did you create using WalkMe?

I created unique and specific launchers for each of the 4 tabs to provide the users with word tracks (sales pitches) and auto-step walk-throughs to reduce the # of search clicks from 15-20 to under 5 and generate the data to help them recapture business and place candidates!

How did this accomplish your goal?

The launchers are named “Playbooks” that provide 3-4 searches they can run. I used animation to make the playbook seem like a “sports playbook” and provided different options.

I used auto-steps to capture nearly all the search criteria and reduce clicks from nearly 20 to less than 5 for each search and provided word tracks to help the employee feel confident approaching the clients and placing candidates.

Winner for Visibility: AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare, submitted by Melissa Layton

What was the challenge you or your users were facing?

One of our core businesses faced significant disruption when implementing Salesforce. We saw members did not understand, at a fundamental level, how to navigate the system nor how to maintain data integrity. A year into the Salesforce implementation, we retrained the entire floor.

This meant retraining tenured team members who were now familiar with the system but continued to input data incorrectly along with newer team members who needed more detailed walkthroughs due to their lack of process and system knowledge.

What solution did you create using WalkMe?

The solution we created was multi-faceted. We provided both a smart walkthrough solution that supported newer and less confident users with more specific detailed step by step instructions and for our more experienced users, we leveraged the “Check My Form” functionality with validation tips that ran when they clicked a launcher. We launched these two solutions to the business during retraining and enabled the business leaders to have conversations to reinforce the use of the solutions.

How did this accomplish your goal?

With the multi-support approach, we have seen stabilization within the business line that was disrupted. The team members have increased their efficiency through no longer having to dig for information; it now lives at their fingertips which increases their speed to market. On top of that, we have seen increased data integrity because the team consistently leverages “Check my Form” functionality on multiple screens in Salesforce.

In the last quarter alone, we prevented over 15,500 errors from happening in the system.

This represents a significant shift and focus on data integrity within our system and within the business. Additionally, there has been a shift of reliance on our support staff as the business becomes more stable and can rely on WalkMe resources to guide them on the right path.

Honorable Mention for Easiest Quick Win: Nationwide Financial

Nationwide Financial, submitted by Ashley Flynn

What was the challenge you or your users were facing?

We were launching the Geopointe application within Salesforce to almost 900 users across the country. To get started, each user had to add the application to their toolbar, an action most people had never had to do in Salesforce. We were spending so much time in training walking users through how to add the application, which cut down on our time to spend covering actual content.

What solution did you create using WalkMe?

I used WalkMe to use auto steps to automatically add Geopointe to their toolbar. It was able to determine whether users had not yet received a Geopointe license or had already added the application to their toolbar.

How did this accomplish your goal?

We were spending an average of 5 minutes on each training call walking users through making sure they had Geopointe added. Once implementing this auto step process, we cut the time down to 13 seconds.

Over 43 training sessions, this saved a total of over 3 hours.

Sales technology capabilities realized

These contestants tackled some of the most prominent challenges that companies across all industries face when trying to adopt salespeople on a large scale, and their solutions using WalkMe even taught us about the Digital Adoption Platform’s capabilities.

We learned how our customers maintain alignment and communication between departments, how to boost sales productivity, how to derive better data from Salesforce, and how to onboard and train more effectively. 

Congratulations to these fantastic companies!

WalkMe Team
By WalkMe Team
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